How to fix discord can’t hear anyone

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Why can’t I hear anybody on Discord?

Refresh/Restart Discord. Turn off any third party voice altering software. Reset voice settings in Discord user settings. Check your speakers/headphones/mic to see if they work.

How do you fix Discord they cant hear me?

And if you click user settings we can go into some different settings here so first off voice and video you’re gonna click on that and you’re gonna notice voice settings at the top so you have input.

Why can’t my friends hear my mic?

Select “Microphone” and click on “Properties” and make sure that the microphone is enabled. You may also check if the microphone that you are using is set as default.

How do you refresh Discord?

Method 1: Refresh Discord Using Discord Hotkey (Ctrl+R)

To refresh the Discord account, press the “Ctrl + R” hotkey. This hotkey will refresh the whole application at once. After pressing the hotkey, the Discord application will display a blank screen, which can be seen in the below image.

Why is my mic not working but I can hear?

Why is my mic not working, but I can hear? Your microphone may be operating correctly, but the volume of your microphone is set too low, preventing others from hearing you. Check the volume of your microphone (also known as the recording or input device on your computer) to ensure it is at an appropriate level.

How come my microphone is not working?

When you notice that your phone’s microphone has stopped working, the first thing you should do is to reboot your device. It could be a minor issue, so rebooting your device can help fix the microphone problem.

What is the button to restart Discord?

Simply press the Discord hotkey (CTRL + R) to refresh the platform. Once you press CTRL + R, the application will be completely refreshed and it will display a black screen for a few seconds.

How do I reset Discord on my phone?

However, you can restart it by simply dismissing the app on mobile. To restart Discord on both Android and iOS, follow these steps.

On Android
  1. Go to Settings and find Apps.
  2. Type Discord on the search bar.
  3. Click on the application.
  4. Tap the Force Stop option.