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How do you get partners on Discord?

Unlocking the Partner Application Page
  1. Your server must be at least 8 weeks old. …
  2. Have at least 500 members on your server. …
  3. Have at least 50 communicators (people who actively talk) per week. …
  4. Have at least 100 participators (people who at least visit/view your server) per week.

Do Discord partners get paid?

Discord says that those that are accepted with get rewarded: “The toppest of the croppest of our partners will be promoted to premium status and get paid hard skrilla $$$.” So those in the program may have a new way to get paid.

How long does it take to get Discord partner?

The application review can take anywhere from a week to three, depending on the volume of partnership requests received by Discord. Once Discord accepts your application and you’re a Discord partner, it’ll take up to a week for your VIP server to get activated.

How many members do you need to get partner on Discord?

You must have a minimum of 500 members on your server. Have a minimum of fifty communicators, people actively talking on your server per week.

How do I get Nitro Discord for free?

How do I claim my Free Month of Nitro?
  1. Step 1: Go to the Nitro tab.
  2. Step 2: Subscribe to Nitro Monthly or Yearly.
  3. Step 3: Receive Your Free Month.
  4. Q: I don’t see the promotion details on my Nitro tab. …
  5. Q: I claimed and redeemed a different free trial for Discord Nitro already.
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Do Discord partners get free Nitro?

If you transfer your Partnered server, you are opting in to also transfer your personal perks, including your Partner profile badge, and your free access to Discord Nitro.

Can I monetize my Discord?

Discord is starting to test a new Premium Memberships feature that will allow creators to monetize their servers. An initial pilot is going live today with around 10 creators who will pave the way for Discord’s 150 million monthly active users to pay to access a range of channels or servers and support creators.

Is NSFW content allowed on Discord?

Discord provides a channel setting that allows its users to designate one or more text channels in their servers as NSFW. Click on the Edit Channel icon (the gear) next to your channel name. In the Overview tab, scroll down to find the NSFW Channel option and toggle it on.

How much is Discord worth?

Discord was most recently valued at $15 billion in 2021, over double the price of its previous valuation the year before.

How do you get verified on Discord for free?

  1. To get verified on Discord, you’ll need to be a game developer, game publisher, professional esport team, or a Spotify-verified musical artist.
  2. To qualify, you’ll need to be both the server owner and the official representative of the group or individual that’s applying for Discord verification.

What does being a Discord partner do?

What’s a Discord Partner? The Discord Partner Program is designed to reward quality, engaged servers with recognition and extra tools to help them invest in their community. If you see a Partner badge next to the server’s name, you know it’s one of the best communities out there.

What are the requirements of partnership?

Partnership Requirements:
  • Registration with DTI or SEC (depending on partnership’s capital)
  • Submission of duly notarized Articles of Partnership.
  • Submission of SEC form F-105 (for partnerships with foreign members)
  • Procurement of licenses and clearances from necessary government offices.
  • Registration with BIR.

What is partner bot?

Partner bot is a discord bot that uses discord-js and sqlite to automate partnerships in the big community of discord. When you bump your advertisement, the bot sends it to every guild that has the bot setup with a configurable cooldown.

How do I become a discord Nitro user?

Signing up for Nitro & Nitro Classic is pretty simple as well. Go to your User Settings page and locate the Discord Nitro tab. Simply click Subscribe & select either the monthly or yearly plan for Nitro. You’ll be able to subscribe to Nitro Classic by scrolling down on the Discord Nitro User Settings page.

How do you become a Discord moderator?

The requirements for the Certified Discord Moderator badge are as follows:
  1. Study the Discord Moderator Academy. …
  2. Take the Discord Moderator Academy Exam. …
  3. Join the Discord Moderator Community. …
  4. Become an Active, Engaged, and Contributing Member of the Discord Moderator Discord.

What do partnered Discord servers get?

Acceptance for the Discord Partner Program includes both a Vanity URL and an invite splash, along with a Server Banner and animated Server Icon, a Discord Partner badge for both the server and the server owner, and the owner gets Discord Nitro, on the house.

How do I get paid as a Discord group?

Create a paid Discord community in minutes (step by step guide)
  1. Create your Discord server.
  2. Connect your Discord to LaunchPass.
  3. Activate your account and start your trial.
  4. Connect your bank to receive payment.
  5. Create, publish, and share your paid Discord server.

How do Discord servers make money?

By creating a server with a specific niche, they will be able to promote affiliate links and generate commissions for each sale as they grow and the level of traffic increases. In this way, the more sales you make, the more you earn, and the more you increase your revenue from increased web traffic.

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