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1. Creating a DJ Role – Groovy Support


May 15, 2021 — The next step is to grant permissions to the DJ role. A conventional DJ role will give DJs access to all permissions.

2. Setting Up Permissions FAQ – Discord Support


Nov 4, 2021 — Step 3 – Assign the role · Select the Manage Members tab for the list of server members and pick the user you want to assign the role to. · Or you …
‎Step 1 – Create a role · ‎Step 2 – Customize the role · ‎How to Set Up Channel…

3. Rythm Bot for Discord: Everything You Need to Know – Alrigh


Apr 6, 2021 — You can create a role called DJ for your Discord server. Anyone assigned this role will be able to use all music commands.

4. How to give someone “DJ” role with jukebot?!?! : r/discordapp

How to give someone "DJ" role with jukebot?!?! from discordapp

May 25, 2018 — I want my friends to be able to $forceskip a song but jukebot says “you need to have the DJ role”. Do I have to make this role manually, …
How to give role “DJ” : r/discordapp – Reddit
Jan 17, 2018
Discord music Bots without DJ roles or everyone as DJ – Reddit
Apr 17, 2020
How can i make a music bot only available to one role … – Reddit
Jul 20, 2017
How do I check if a member has a certain role for a if … – Reddit
Mar 28, 2017
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5. How To Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord – Alphr


7 steps
Setting up your roles properly is the key to managing your users on a Discord server. It’s a good idea to have the basic roles created before you even start inviting people to the server. You can always go back and add new roles or reconfigure existing roles once you’re in business.
Log in to Discord and access your server.
Select the small drop-down arrow to the right of the server name and click “Server Settings.”

6. How To Add Roles In Discord | WePC

How To Add Roles In Discord

Oct 14, 2021 — In this guide, we cover how to add server roles to users in your … Now you are going to want to give the new role certain permissions.

7. Roles | The Discord Wiki


A role is a part of a server, and when applied to a user, will give the user … Allow anyone to @mention this role allows any user to mention every member …
‎| Must include: Dj

8. Put a DJ in your Discord server with Rythm bot | PC Gamer


Aug 6, 2021 — Rhythm bot is one of many Discord add-ons that let you pick and play … want to give the bot as well as what server you want to add it to.

9. How to create roles and set permissions on your Discord server


Apr 9, 2020 — This is an easy process that lets you create user groups that can offer your Discord members access to specific parts of the server.

10. How to Make Roles in Discord – MEE6


Learn how to make roles in Discord and assign them to your server members! This article also covers how to use a Discord reaction role bot to let members …

11. Allow Users to Self Assign Roles in Discord with the MEE6 Bot


MEE6 is a Discord role bot that allows users to self assign roles by using discord reactions. This discord role generator will automatically update …

12. How to Use Octave Bot Discord [ Octave Bot Commands Guide]

How to Use Octave Bot Discord [ Octave Bot Commands ]

Sep 6, 2021 — Removes extra DJ roles. _settings invokedelete, Toggle deletion of the command trigger messages. _settings queuesize, Sets the maximum queue …

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