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How do I join Discord server without link on mobile?

Use top.gg
  1. Open your browser and type “top.gg” into the address bar.
  2. Choose the “Discord Servers” tab.
  3. Under “Explore millions of Discord Bots & Servers,” type the name of the server you’re interested in joining. …
  4. Once you find the server you want to join, press “Join” on the right.

Why can’t I join servers on Discord mobile?

Why can’t I join a Discord Server? Clicking on an expired server invite link is the most probable reason behind your inability to join a Discord server. Excess joining beyond the cap limit- I’ll explain later, can revoke your joining a server.

How do I join a Discord Mobile server 2022?

How to Join a Discord Server on a Mobile Device
  1. Open your Discord app and log in.
  2. Tap the three stacked lines at the top left corner.
  3. Tap the “plus” icon on the left side.
  4. Select Join a server and pates the invite link.
  5. Tap the JOIN button to continue.

How do I join a public server on Discord?

Open the desktop version of Discord > Explore Public Servers > search for a server > Join.

How do I find a public server on Discord mobile?

Whether you’re using the Discord desktop app or the Discord app on your phone, you can find servers by using the left-hand menu. Select the compass icon to open the official public Discord server directory.

How do I join a server without invite?

Without an invite what we have to do is go down to this plus icon at the left hand side of our discord. App here. And it’s going to say create a server. But we can actually.

How do I search for servers on Discord?

How to Find Discord Servers on an Android Device
  1. Launch a new browser and navigate to Disboard.
  2. Sign in or register for an account.
  3. Once signed in from the home page, tap the “Servers” tab for a list of Discord servers. …
  4. Alternatively, tap on “Search” to enter the server name.

Why can’t I find Discord servers?

For most users, the reason for not seeing the channels is the lack of role. Either you do not have the higher role to browse the channel, or you do not have any role at all. In either case, you can contact the server admins to give you a role. Then you will have enough permissions to view the channels.

How do I view a Discord server without joining?

“Accept” to join the server, “View” or “Preview” to see the server without joining it and “Cancel” to stop.

Where is the compass icon on Discord mobile?

Down at the bottom of the servers panel is an icon that looks like a compass called “Explore Public Servers.” Open that up and you’ll find some of the top servers across Discord.

How do I join a random server on Discord 2022?

How to Join a Server on Mobile Discord App
  1. Open Discord. …
  2. Locate a Discord code or an invite link for the server you wish to join. …
  3. From the main screen of your app, you will see a list of any servers to which you already belong on the left-hand side. …
  4. You should be redirected to a new screen.

How do I join a Discord 2022 server?

How to Join a Discord Server
  1. Step 1: Open Discord on Your Computer. Open Discord Desktop as you normally do, and log in to your account using your credentials. …
  2. Step 2: Select the “Add a Server” Button on the Left Sidebar. …
  3. Step 3: Paste the Invite Link and Click “Join Server”

Why can’t I join a Discord server?

1] Cross-check the invitation link or code

The first thing you should do when you can’t join a Discord server is double-checking the invitation link. It might be the case that the invitation link that is sent to you to join a server is expired. And thus, you are not able to join the Discord server.

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Are Discord servers free?

Discord does not have any such limits. It’s completely free to use with complete access to your messages, history, communities, etc. And, furthermore, it’s free to start your own server too.

Where is Discord server link?

If you’re using the mobile app, it’s also quite easy to send someone an invite link to your Discord server.
  • Open the Discord app on your phone.
  • Tap the desired server in the left side menu.
  • Tap Invite. …
  • Tap Copy Link to copy the link and send it to those you want to invite to join the server.

Where do I find my Discord link?

  1. To get the Message Link, click on the 3 dots to the far right of the message. …
  2. In the right-click menu for any of the fields you’ve selected, you’ll see the “Copy ID” option. …
  3. Once you’ve clicked “Copy ID”, you’ll have the message, user, or server ID copied to your clipboard.

How do I access my Discord server without joining?

“Accept” to join the server, “View” or “Preview” to see the server without joining it and “Cancel” to stop.

Where do I find my Discord invitation link?

Open your server and click the Instant Invite icon next to the channel name. A box will appear with an invite link and direct invite buttons for the friends or group DMs that you’ve communicated with most recently!

How do I quickly join Discord server?

But if you’re ready to join the server for real you can just click join on the preview bar at the top. And that’s it go forth and find people who are into the same stuff. As you.

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