How To Make A Prison Channel In Discord

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1. Jail channel without using user permissions : r/discordapp

Jail channel without using user permissions from discordapp

Jun 27, 2017 — Essentially I want to create a channel called Jail, the only way to access this channel would to be clicked then dragged into it by an admin …
Discord Jail? : r/discordapp – Reddit
Dec 17, 2015
[Q] creating a room where people cannot exit : r/discordapp
May 23, 2016
Help creating a “Punishment” Role on Discord : r/discordapp
Oct 20, 2016
The channel “#horny-jail” in my Discord server isn’t marked …
Jul 11, 2020
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2. JailMe+ | Discord Bots

A simply bot with Jail System! Automatic Setup and Easy to use! … Type: ##jail @user #channel **user will be prisoner and go into #channel prison & no …

3. DuckBot | Discord Bots |

Bot to make custom signups, jail people, and some miscellaneous fun commands. … Replaces a user’s roles with a pre-determined jail role.
Rating: 100% · ‎1 vote

4. JailMe+ | Discord Bots |

Jail a User in a server He/She can’t see everything in your server but can see prison channels! Type ##unjail to unjail that User.
Rating: 84.3% · ‎23 votes

5. How do I set up a Role-Exclusive channel? – Discord Support

Jun 1, 2020 — If you do not already have a role set up that deserves this exclusive status, then open Server Settings > Roles and create a new role for your …

6. “Override lower roles” setting for permissions – Discord Support–Override-lower-roles-setting-for-permissions?page=3

Make it so that a role can deny a permission too, and not just allow. … if you want to jail them (cannot read anything but jail channel) you simply jail …

7. jail command & find a channel #994 – Rapptz/

Jan 5, 2018 — i want to write some code that checks if the jail channels still … the code works but i didnt make something that unbans someone so i want …

8. Discord Prison – Discord Servers

Social • Gaming • Memes • Anime • Emotes • Fun We have self-roles, media channels, selfie channels, come and make new friends, chill and play games!

9. Graphite – Discord Bots

… Jail: “Jails” a member in the voice channel they’re currently in and prevents … Interval backups: Allows admins to set an interval to make Graphite …

10. Prisoner Role, 1.5.0a – Stack Overflow

Sep 28, 2020 — After you create the Prisoner role, change the permissions of this role for all the channels except for Prison channel in Discord.
1 answer  ·  Top answer: You can try this for deleting all roles and adding prisoner role: @client.command() async def prison(ctx, member: discord.Member): member_roles = [] …

11. Discord servers tagged with Prison | DISBOARD

We have several roleplay channels inside the prison island and each female prisoner will have their own roleplay prison cell channel once registered! PS: ONLY …

12. Discord on Twitter: “@ChampionEye you can use a “time out …

you have to go to edit channel and then click on permissions and give the time out role permission to view the channel. then under general permission you decide …