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How do you quote a message in Discord mobile?

The New Method
  1. Launch the Discord app on your mobile (or another device).
  2. Enter a channel or chat with a friend.
  3. Copy a message from the chat.
  4. Enter the typing field and press > followed by space, then paste the message. Then press Send.
  5. Add your reply to the quote as you normally would.

How do you do a block quote on Discord?

First, enter the > symbol in the message box and press enter to turn it into a block quote. Now you can type anything and press the Enter button to send the text message. You can also use the >>> instead of the > symbol for the block quote.

How do you quote something?

If you quote something a character says, use double quotation marks on the outside ends of the quotation to indicate that you are quoting a portion of the text. Use single quotation marks inside the double quotation marks to indicate that someone is speaking. “‘Thou art not my child! Thou art no Pearl of mine!’

How do you put a quote under your name in Discord?

I’m gonna click on my profile name and click set a custom status. And that’s actually all the takes.

What are all the Discord commands?

Basic Discord Chat Commands
Command Function
/me [word or phrase] Emphasizes the text that you type after the command so that it stands out in the channel.
/tableflip Inputs this emote into the channel: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
/unflip Inputs this emote into the channel: ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
/shrug Inputs this emote into the channel: ¯_(ツ)_/¯


How do I make a text box in Discord?

To create boxed text in Discord, you will need to write in code blocks. To do that you will incorporate the backtick key. This is on the same key as the tilde, not a parenthesis. If you are only creating a single lined block, you will need to write your text between two backticks.

How do I edit text in Discord?

Discord offers seven different ways to format your text: Italics, Bold, Underline, Strikethrough, Code Blocks, Block Quotes, and Spoilers. If you’re using the website or desktop app, you can quickly use most of these formatting styles by highlighting your text, and then hovering your mouse over that text.

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