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Can you have mods on Discord?

They can do things like moderate or delete messages, as well as invite, ban, or suspend people who violate the server’s rules. The best moderators typically are seasoned and enthusiastic participants in one or more communities. Admins and moderators are your first go-to when you encounter an issue in a server.

Is it hard to be a mod on Discord?

Moderating on Discord

Moderation takes hard work, and a commitment to learning more about how to make communities better.

Is mod higher than admin?

Generally speaking, moderators are supposed to supervise and control users’ activity, especially content they publish. Administrators’ task is more technical, they, say, fix bugs, change something on the site, add new features etc.

How do you make someone a Mod?

With the /mod chat command
  1. Once you’re streaming.
  2. In the chat, type out the command: “/mod username” (without the quotes). …
  3. Send the message, and that person will be made a mod.
  4. Once the person you want to mod is in the stream chat, click the username of the person you want to make a moderator.

Does Discord mods get paid?

Moderators of Discord servers do not get paid by Discord Inc. However, server admins (users of the platform themselves) may offer payment to server mods. Moderators employed by Discord Inc. do get paid by Discord Inc.

How much do NFT Discord mods make?

Mods are allowed to participate in a community league with a price pool of $ 60.000. Every mod will receive a free NFT. After public mint every mod will receive a share of the $5.000 modpool due to his/her engagement.

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