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How do I make someone else admin on discord mobile?

To make someone admin on Discord mobile, choose a server, go to its “Server Settings,” open the “Roles” category, and “Create Role”. Then, enable the “Administrator” toggle inside the “Roles” category, and save the settings.

Can discord have 2 admins?

While in the “Server Settings” window, open the “Members” tab. To the right of each members’ name is a ‘+’. Click on this ‘+’ and choose an available role to assign to that member. Remember that you can assign multiple roles to a single member if applicable.

Can a discord server Admin kick owner?

No, the owner of the Discord has every permission, and even if they have no roles or a role below than you, they still have all permissions. Basically, you can’t. But the owner can hand over the owner-law (so if you are the owner, because the old owner hand over the owner-law to you,), you can kick the “old-owner”.

Is Admin same as owner in discord?

An Administrator is a user who’s been given certain privileges by the owner. They can do everything an owner can do, except they can’t kick any of the other Admins or the owner from the server. In addition, they can’t dethrone the owner and take over the crown unless the owner decides to give it up willingly.

Who owned Discord?

Jason Citron, founder and CEO

The concept of Discord came from its CEO, Jason Citron, who also founded OpenFeint, a social gaming platform for mobile games. Citron sold OpenFeint to GREE in 2011 for $104 million, which he used to found Hammer & Chisel, a game development studio the next year.

How do I give myself a role in Discord without admin?

Allow Users to Self-Assign Their Roles on Discord Servers
  1. In the server settings, select Roles in the sidebar and click on the + button to add a new role. …
  2. Then Authorize MEE6 to access your account. …
  3. Now click on the New reaction role button to start creating a reaction role.

What happens if a Discord owner dies?

Conversation. If the server owner was to pass away, or become inactive, it’s possible for us to transfer the server to another admin. But only if the server has 100+ members, and the owner hasn’t been online for 30 days.

What happens if a Discord owner leaves?

An “ownerless” server will continue to exist for a while but will get deleted eventually by the service. If you want the server to continue existing, make sure that you transfer your ownership to another member on the server.

What happens if a Discord admin is banned?

Banned members are IP banned and can only get unbanned from the server by submitting an appeal. Platform ban—Discord’s Trust and Safety Team is in charge of assigning these bans. They make sure everyone’s using the platform in accordance with the Terms of Use.

Is owner higher than admin?

Owners and administrators both have all permissions, including posting listings, editing the organization’s profile, and managing the permissions of other administrators, but an owner has control over other owners as well as administrators.

What is OG role in Discord?

OG User Roles has several settings to allow you to define and assign a default role to users who either sign up to your site or subscribe to your group: Default Non-Group Role for new users. Use this setting to define a role to be assigned to ALL new users who sign up to your site.

How does admin work in Discord?

When you make someone an administrator on Discord, they’ll be able to ban other users, delete or edit messages, and perform other moderation tasks. This is a large amount of power to grant to a user, so be careful with who you give it to.

Is Discord ok for 12 year olds?

As with any social media platform with user-generated and contributed content, Discord can contain content that’s inappropriate for kids.

Who was the first Discord user?

Who was the first discord user according to google the first person to use discord goes by the name offend.

Does Elon Musk own Discord?

Elon Musk does not have a Discord server, but it is rumored that he has his own personal account. Elon has tweeted several references to Discord, including a reference to the Wall Street Bets Discord, but he has never admitted to using Discord.

How do I claim a role in Discord?

To add roles to a server, you need to either be the owner or have the “Manage Roles” permission given to you.
  1. Open the server you want to add roles to and click its name in the top-left corner.
  2. Click Server Settings. …
  3. Select Roles in the left sidebar, and then click Create Role.
  4. You’ll be brought to the Edit Role screen.

Can you sue a Discord user?

You may sue a Discord user for copyright infringement but the process is expensive and time consuming especially if the infringing party is from another country.

Is Discord deleting inactive users?

On Discord, accounts that have not been used for 2 years or more may be scheduled to be deleted. As your account nears the 2 years mark you may get an email or text message warning you that your account is scheduled to be deleted.

Does Discord delete unclaimed accounts?

can the unclaimed accounts be deleted? unclaimed accounts are wiped as soon as the browser is closed.

Can Discord make you money?

The short answer is yes! Anyone can make money on Discord if they have the drive and time to do so. Some people build it into their full time gig and others keep it as a great side gig.

How do you silently leave a Discord call?

Would be a great feature for people who want to leave a call unnoticed. It could work how silently starting a call works, but instead, you hold shift + click the leave call button.

Why did my owner Crown go away on Discord?

The server owner’s crown symbol disappears when the owner sorts his roles on the server. The symbol of the crown could still always be visible regardless of roles and role settings.

How long Discord bans last?

The ban will be permanent until a moderator unbans the user, bots can however be used to temporarily ban a user. There are 2 different types of bans: Kick The user’s account is removed from the server but they can join again if they want to.

Can Discord mods see your IP?

Discord server admins can’t see your IP address. The only ones who can are the people who work at Discord. However, they will never share that information with anyone. Your IP address is safe in their hands.

Are Discord bans always permanent?

How long does a Discord ban last? If you have been given a server ban, it is at the discretion of the server’s admin team, so it could be lifted at any time. If you have been given a platform ban, it is a permanent ban.

What is the highest role in Discord?

The blurple arrow is your highest role; roles now follow a linear hierarchy. In simpler terms, the “metaphorical totem pole” is now a bit more literal in practice. This is the omega role! Giving this role to a user grants them all of the permissions in the permissions list!

Is admin also a user?

Simply put, admin accounts are the most powerful type of user. They have the power to do just about anything on a device. For context, think about the guy or girl in IT who you need to ask to perform tasks like setting up new software. Every device or system will have at least one admin user somewhere.

What qualifies you as an admin?

Office Administrator skills and qualifications

Excellent leadership, time management and organizational skills. Proven excellence as an office assistant, office administrator or in another relevant position. Outstanding abilities to communicate in person, in writing and over the phone.

What does GM mean in Discord chat?

Good Move” is a common definition for GM on gaming apps, such as Discord and Telegram.

Does Discord have a role cap?

You can configure up to 250 different roles for members of your Discord server. I’d recommend keeping them to a minimum, though. Start with roles for organizers, speakers, and mods.

What roles are good in Discord?

Good role names for your Discord server
  • Owner.
  • Co-Owner.
  • Head Admin.
  • Admin.
  • Head Mod.
  • Mod.
  • Assistant Mod.
  • Helper.

How much does a Discord admin get paid?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Discord is $130,262, or $62 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $135,699, or $65 per hour. At Discord, the highest paid job is a General Counsel at $246,334 annually and the lowest is a Community Manager at $39,000 annually.

Can a 7 year old get Discord?

Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users’ age upon sign-up. Common Sense Media also recommends Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat.

Why is Discord 17+?

Frequently Asked Questions. Q: Why did Discord update its age rating from 12+ to 17+? A: Discord updated its age rating to 17+ at Apple’s request. We work hard to create robust controls and policies to help ensure minors are not exposed to content inappropriate for them.

Is Discord used for dating?

Though it’s not explicitly a dating app, Discord has increasingly become a platform for people to make romantic connections.

Is Discord deleting accounts 2022?

So, there’s no reason to shut Discord down in the near future. This rumour likely started due to messages that many people were receiving in their Discord accounts from random users. The message generated was fake, and there’s no basis that the rumour itself is true.

Why is it called Discord?

The name Discord was chosen because it “sounds cool and has to do with talking”, was easy to say, spell, remember, and was available for trademark and website. In addition, “Discord in the gaming community” was the problem they wished to solve.

What was Discord old name?

Discord (formerly known as DiscordApp), is an American proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform—designed initially for the video gaming community—that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel.

Is Discord a billionaire?

Discord Valued at $15 Billion After New Funding Round – Bloomberg.

Is Discord owned by Playstation?

Considering that we had one such announcement earlier today, this seems to make a lot of sense. However, that is not the case at all. This is only a feature that Discord has added and it is in no way connected to Sony buying Discord or anything.

Has Microsoft tried to buy Discord?

Microsoft wanted to purchase the company outright for a rumored $12 billion but was ultimately unsuccessful. Sources told Bloomberg that Discord rejected Microsoft’s bids for purchase in the hopes it would achieve a public listing on the stock market.

Can you sell roles on Discord?

Selling roles/ranks is not against our Terms, but you can opt out or leave the server if you are not okay with this kind of server management. If you have any other question feel free to ask!

What’s the command for MEE6?

MEE6 Bot Music Commands
# MEE6 Command Description
1 !play To start playing a song from the queue
2 !stop To stop / pause the current song
3 !search To search for a song
4 !record To record the current conversation in the voice channel


Does Dyno Do reaction roles?

Reaction roles allows you to add reactions to a message that members can react to to get or remove a role(s). Limits to keep in mind: Non-Premium servers can have a max of 3 reaction roles. All servers can have a max of 20 reactions/buttons/dropdowns per message.

Is Discord owned by Google?

Discord is still a privately held company, regardless of buyout talks with companies such as Microsoft. Stanislav Vishnevsky, the founder of the social gaming platform Guildwork, came together with Jason Citron to conceptualize Discord. Citron is the founder of the social gaming platform, OpenFeint.

How much is Discord CEO worth?

Does Jason Citron have a net worth? According to various speculations, the net worth of the CEO of Discord is anywhere between $1.8 to $3 million.

Is Discord a billionaire?

Discord Valued at $15 Billion After New Funding Round – Bloomberg.

Why is it called Discord?

The name Discord was chosen because it “sounds cool and has to do with talking”, was easy to say, spell, remember, and was available for trademark and website. In addition, “Discord in the gaming community” was the problem they wished to solve.

How old is Discord?

On 13th May 2015, Discord was officially released on the market seven years ago. With that being said, Discord is 6 years old to date and is continuously growing in terms of popularity. You can utilize Discord for communicating with friends and fans through text messages and voice or video calls.

Does Discord record you?

As far as we know, Discord calls are not recorded. Discord uses end-to-end encryption and while a nation state could theoretically record them, why would they? Millions of people spend millions of hours per year chatting on Discord. Even if someone wanted to record those calls, the storage overhead would be huge.

What is Discord worth?

Discord was most recently valued at $15 billion in 2021, over double the price of its previous valuation the year before.

How old is Discord from My Little Pony?

once and for all.
Series ”My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”
Age At least 1,000
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male


Who owns the biggest Discord server?

Last but not the least, Official Fortnite dominates the top as the current largest Discord server. The game is so popular that Fortnite has broken the Discord member limit time and again, and now it can host more than 800,000 members.

Do Discord owners get paid?

The short answer is yes! Anyone can make money on Discord if they have the drive and time to do so. Some people build it into their full time gig and others keep it as a great side gig.

Did Discord give money?

Discord charges a 10% share for distributing the games. This covers up all the operating costs of the company.