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Can you get Nitro without a payment method?

Since a vast majority of the users that tried to redeem it were minors, they didn’t have access to a credit card or PayPal account. However, you don’t actually need a credit card or PayPal information to redeem Discord Nitro for free.

How do I redeem my Discord free Nitro card?

How do I redeem Discord Nitro in my Xbox app?
  1. Navigate to your Game Pass menu.
  2. Once you are in the Game Pass Menu, go to the Perks tab.
  3. In the Perks tab you will see the Discord Nitro Promotion.
  4. Once you open the promotion, you will be able to claim it.
  5. When you hit claim a QR code will be generated for you to scan.

How do I get my 3 month Nitro card for free?


We have to go through this whole facade just to get free nitro. So once you download it click install. And we just want to install the application now it’ll open up the installer.


Why can’t I redeem my free Discord Nitro?

If Discord detects that you have previously purchased a subscription, or that you have an active gifted subscription, you will see an error message (like this one shown below)! Unfortunately, if you do not meet these requirements, you won’t be able to redeem this Nitro promotion on your own Discord account.

Does debit card work on discord?

Hold on to your piggy bank for now, to make a purchase or subscribe to Discord Nitro/Server Boosting you’re going to need a valid Credit/Debit card or PayPal account linked to your account!

Where can I buy a discord Nitro card?

But, you can go into your Discord Client > Settings > Subscriptions and buy a Nitro/Classic gift there for another user or yourself! You can also use a PayPal account! Though, you will need a card or bank account attached to the PayPal.

How can I get a free Nitro 2021?

When you complete seven orders for a particular customer, you will get a Free Discord Nitro account. From this gift, you can get rare items, keys, lots of experience to upgrade quickly, and more valuable rewards. Every product, every project or every code takes time.

How do I claim Nitro?

  1. Swipe right to open the menu.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right to open User Settings.
  3. Beneath Nitro Settings, tap Nitro Gifting.
  4. Select whichever Nitro you wish to gift and follow the payment process.
  5. You’ll get a gift link, which you can Copy and send directly to your recipient.

How can I get a free Nitro 2022?

Simply visit the Discord Nitro Page on the Epic Games Store. Now login via your Epic Games Store account. Click “Get” Button and then click proceed. Now you will receive a email within 24 hours to claim Discord Nitro for free.

How long is a discord nitro code?

Find your way to the Gift Inventory section located in User Settings to obtain your gift via redeem codes. Here is where you’ll be prompted to enter in a 19 character long code.

Can you gift Nitro Discord?

Under the Billing Settings section, head to the Discord Nitro tab. Click the Gift option within the Nitro or Nitro classic section. Choose whether to buy a gift for a month or a year. Choose the payment method, agree to the terms of service, and click “Buy Gift.”

How much is discord Nitro a month?

Discord Nitro costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year.

On the other hand, Nitro Classic is priced at $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

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