How to see deleted messages on discord as admin

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Can discord server admins see deleted messages?

Can Discord Server Owners See Deleted Messages? You cannot see deleted messages on servers even if you are the Discord server owner. The rules for these messages fall under Discord’s previous statement that once it is deleted, it is gone for good.

How can I see deleted messages on discord?

How Do You See Deleted Messages On Discord
  1. Download the BetterDiscord application.
  2. Download the MessageLoggerV2 plugin.
  3. Add the MessageLoggerV2 plugin to the BetterDiscord plugins folder and enable it.
  4. Right-click your server and open the logs to see what changes have been made.

Does Discord keep deleted chat logs?

Discord insists they don’t keep copies and that once they are gone, they are gone. We have no reason to disbelieve them so will take them at their word. That said, you can set up your own chat logging script that will run if you use Discord in your browser rather than in the app.

How do I view Discord logs?

Or a mac first of all simply click on the down arrow next to your server’s. Name. And then go into server settings. Now on the left side you will see audit log simply click on that.

What do Discord logs show?

The Audit Log allows users with the “View Audit Log” permission to view changes to the server. These include the creation/deletion of channels and roles, kicking and banning of members, updating server information, and more. In order to view the Audit Log, go to “Server Settings” and then click “Audit Log”.

How long do Discord messages last?

Threads will auto-archive after 24 hours of inactivity — a nice way to keep channels from being clogged up with off-topic or time-sensitive chats. Boosted servers can keep a thread around for a week instead of a single day, giving a channel’s members more time to hop into relevant side conversations.

Can discord trust and safety see deleted messages?

Deleting and Reporting allows a message to be saved (cached) and sent to the Trust & Safety team so they can view it even after the message is deleted.

Can discord server owners see invisible?

Can server owners or admins see offline users? Not even server owners or admins can see offline users. This is less than ideal if you’re working on channels or want to see what the peak or low numbers are to make administrative changes. As far as I know, there is no bot or hack that will show invisible users either.

Can discord mods see edited messages?

3 Answers. Show activity on this post. As of October 2016, moderators can see comment revision history by clicking on the “edited” pencil icon next to the comment in question.

What can discord mods see?

At a minimum, your Mods role should have the following permissions:
  • Kick Members.
  • Ban Members.
  • Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels.
  • Send Messages.
  • Manage Messages.
  • Read Message History.