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1. Separate Game Audio, Discord, Music in OBS! (A Voicemeeter …

2. How do I separate discord and game audio in OBS? – Reddit

How do I separate discord and game audio in OBS? from Twitch

Mar 5, 2018 — I use the volume mixer for Windows. Right-click on the sound icon in the task bar and select “Open Volume Mixer.” Pull the game sound way down, …
How do heck do i separate DISCORD audio and GAME AUDIO
Oct 5, 2019
How do I make game audio and discord audio separate : r/obs
Feb 12, 2021
Separating Discord audio from game audio. Voicemeeter ISN …
Sep 8, 2020
Possible to split Discord/TS and game audio without … – Reddit
Jun 26, 2019
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3. How To Split Audio In OBS & Streamlabs – Streamsentials

How To Split Audio In OBS & Streamlabs

How To Split Audio In OBS & Streamlabs · Step 1: Install Voicemeeter Banana · Step 4: Using Voicemeeter to adjust audio · Step 5: Setting up Discord · Step 6.
‎Step 2: Setup your computer’s… · ‎Step 3: Setup Voicemeeter… · ‎Virtual Input

4. Separate game & discord audio through interface? – OBS Studio


Sep 15, 2017 — Open OBS and go into your Audio settings. Microphone can stay the same. Change Desktop Audio Device to “Voicemeter Input”. Open Discord and in …
3 posts  ·  hello! so I’m doing local recordings and i currently have a Scarlett 2i2 my headphones and …

5. Separate Audio – OBS Studio, Discord and VoiceMeeter Banana

How to Setup – Separate Audio – OBS Studio, Discord and VoiceMeeter Banana

Feb 12, 2019 — Under app settings, choose voice and video, and under input device, choose VoiceMeeter aux output. For output device, choose VoiceMeeter aux …

6. GUIDE (w/ pictures): Split Audio for Twitch Streaming in 10 …


Mar 15, 2018 — 8. Go to your preferred voice program’s (Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, etc) Audio Settings and set your default output sound device to your headset …

7. Split Audio Without VoiceMeeter Banana – Ocgineer …


For example in Discord, a popular VOIP application, you can manually set the output device you want to use and thus in this case select your headphones or …

8. How to mute Discord on OBS? [Solution] – Remote Tools


Open OBS Studio and check the ‘Audio Mixer’ panel. · In the list of audio outputs shown, locate the one from Discord. You’ve most likely named this ‘Discord’ or …

9. Twitch Studio Audio Overview


Why when playing a game, viewers say they cannot hear the game audio? … Some headphones and audio setups split Discord audio into one source, …

10. [GUIDE] Splitting music sources using Voicemeeter


The idea is to be streaming your game, Discord audio and your own microphone audio normally, but have different background music for yourself and your …

11. Mute Discord, Keep Game Audio | NVIDIA GeForce Forums


In the nvidia settings under audio select “Separate Both Tracks” this will keep your own Mic-Audio in its own separate track that you’ll need to mix in …

12. Step by Step Guide: How to Mute Discord on OBS Studio

How to Mute Discord on OBS Studio – Step by Step Guide

Jul 26, 2021 — OBS Audio Output Capture Method – Mute Discord Audio Through the Audio … and set the other to your Desktop or Game audio, and that’s it.

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