How to unlock top secret control panel discord

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How do you open the secret in discord?

And you do command slash it will bring up the keyboard. Combos. Now you might think okay well this is just showing you what combos you can do to get different things on discord.

What is a panel in discord?

Panels¶ Discord Tickets supports 3 types of panels. You can set the panel message’s title , description , image , and thumbnail . When you use the /panel command the bot will create a new channel for the panel. You can rename this channel after through the Discord UI.

What is the Discord 404 page?

A 404 error or page not found error is basically what comes up when a page that’s requested does not exist. If you try to add something after “” (like 123-4), such a URL does not exist, hence, you will see the 404 error.

What is top secret control panel Discord?

Discord also comes with the top secret control panel feature in the PC version. The Discord top secret control panel feature is located by right-clicking on the Discord icon in the notification bard of Windows. The feature of top secret control panel Discord appears to be disabled by default and you cannot click it.

How do you add Carl bots in discord?

In the top left corner you’ll see this little plus button that says invite just go ahead and click on this it’ll. Redirect you to the discord. Authorization. Page here you can specify.

What is a ticket panel?

Panels are a message that counts with a button your users can press in order to create a ticket on your server!

How do you open a discord keyboard combo?

Dischord now as new keyboard combos which are kind of like wait a second. Um alright just press ctrl /to see the menu.