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1. Use Avantree Device with Discord – Question


2. Fix Discord Audio Not Coming Through Headset – Technipages


Oct 9, 2020 — This troubleshooting guide brings you six useful methods to fix Discord audio if it’s not playing through your headset.

3. Can’t hear other programs’ sound when using … – Super User


Jan 10, 2017 — When using either Discord or Mumble and either Apple AirPods or a Bose QuietComfort 35 headset, I cannot hear sound from any other application unless I set the …
13 answers  ·  Top answer: This annoying behaviour is caused by limited Bluetooth bandwitch when using both mic+headset …
No sound from games or video when Bluetooth headset is …
Dec 1, 2019
My bluetooth headphones will only provide output from one …
Jul 5, 2020
Voice chat application mutes sound of all other … – Super User
Jan 23, 2020
Bluetooth headphones unable to hear audio from both …
Oct 22, 2020
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4. Why Won’t Discord Play Through My Headphones? – Gawky …

Why Won’t Discord Play Through My Headphones?

While the Discord app can handle Bluetooth headphones and microphones to allow voice chats on the app, the way it works is by completely disregarding the voice …
‎| Must include: Hear

5. Discord mutes all other sounds


Whenever i get in a call, to a person or in the server, Discord mutes … I tried my headphones, different headphones, without headphones, bluetooth …

6. Bluetooth Headphones Not Working With Discord Mobile?

Bluetooth Headphones Not Working With Discord Mobile?

Change The Server Region — How To Fix When Discord Volume Does Not Come Through Bluetooth Headphones? 1. Check Bluetooth Is Working; 2. Reinstall The …

7. Issue with Wireless Bluetooth headphones and Discord …

Issue with Wireless Bluetooth headphones and Discord, please help! (Audio Quality, Connections, Crashes) from discordapp

Jun 22, 2017 — I recently bought a pair of wireless Studio Beats that connect to my Windows 10 rig via Bluetooth. It’s my first time really using Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Headphones sound awful when you enter a discord …
Aug 17, 2020
Can’t hear discord in Bluetooth earphones : r/discordapp
Mar 3, 2019
Bluetooth headphones don’t work with Discord – Reddit
Mar 19, 2021
Issue with bluetooth headphones outputting both game audio …
Nov 1, 2017
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8. Can’t hear all sounds at once when bluetooth headphones are …


Hi all, I have an XPS 15 9570 and my AUKEY T10 wireless headphones are … When I am in a discord call, only the sound from “headset” can be heard and all …

9. Can’t Hear People In Discord | How To Fix Audio Problem

Can’t Hear People In Discord | How To Fix Audio Problem

5 steps
A method that is regularly overlooked is setting your headphones to your default communications device. It’s done in Windows, so sometimes it can be missed …
Select the “Voice & Video” tab. Inside the Voice & Video tab, scroll down and find the “Audio Subsystem” section. You should see a drop-down menu, inside …
Right-click the sound tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Select the “Open Sound Settings” option. Once inside this tab, you should see a …

10. Fix: Can’t Hear People on Discord – Game Gavel

Fix: Can’t Hear People on Discord

May 21, 2020 — If you don’t have Bluetooth headphones, make sure that your wired headset is securely connected to your PC. Even if you believe your headset is …

11. Discord Not Playing Sound Through Headset – crimsontampa


Discord Audio Subsystem; Discord Not Playing Sound Through Headset Headphones; Can’t Hear Discord Through … The sound now comes from my Bluetooth speaker.

12. Fix: Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord – Appuals.com

Fix: Can’t Hear Anyone on Discord

May 28, 2021 — In some cases, the issue might be caused by a Discord update or a … Note: If you can’t see your audio device (speaker or headphones) in …

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