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1. How to Mute Someone on Discord so You Can’t Hear Them


2. What does muting do on discord? – Quora


May 12, 2019 — Getting muted. Muting takes away a user’s a ability to send messages in all channels. More specifically all channels mute role is set up in. · Muting yourself.
9 answers  ·  8 votes: It depends on what type of mute you mean. I’ll break down the types of mutes. – Local Mute, …
How can I mute someone on Discord? – Quora
12 answers
May 10, 2019
How to server mute someone on Discord if you are …
10 answers
Nov 9, 2020
How long does the muting last on Discord? How do I …
3 answers
Mar 1, 2020
What is ‘Server Mute’ on Discord? – Quora
4 answers
Mar 4, 2021
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3. How to Mute Someone on Discord – Online Tech Tips

How to Mute Someone on Discord

Feb 17, 2021 — There are two main ways to stop someone from interacting with you on Discord: muting the person, and blocking the person. If you mute …

4. Can you tell if someone muted you in Discord? – Swipe Tips


May 10, 2020 — A server mute is when an admin, server owner or moderator with the right permissions can silence a user or users for the entire server. They …

5. Muting someone stops them hearing you and not just you …


Mar 21, 2021 — When muting someone in a server make it so they cannot hear you anymore. At the moment if you mute someone you cannot hear them but they can …

6. Mute specific DMS – Discord Support


But muting discord means that I then miss messages from other friends who very rarely message me and who’s messages I would like to get the notifications for, …

7. How to mute someone on Discord? [3 easy steps] – Remote …


2. What is the difference between muting and blocking a Discord user? … When you mute someone in a voice channel, you will not be able to hear the other …

8. How to Mute Someone on Discord in 2021 – StreamScheme

How to Mute Someone on Discord in 2022

Nov 3, 2021 — Note: muting a person’s messages will not mute them in voice chat if you are communicating with them. How to Adjust Volume on Discord. Sometimes …

9. Can people still hear you if you mute them? – BoardGamesTips


Luckily, Discord offers a few different options for muting people. You can mute people in voice channels to stop yourself from hearing them speak. Here’s how to …

10. What Does Server Mute Do in Discord – Tutorial – Tech Genesis

What Does Server Mute Do in Discord – Tutorial

Locate mute in Discord is basically a user setting that any member can use to silence a troublemaker actually. It will only stop them to appear on your own …

11. What is Local Mute in Discord – Alphr


Feb 25, 2019 — If you server mute someone, nobody in the entire server will be able to hear them. Absolutely nobody. No matter what they do. So keep that in …

12. Discord: How to Mute a Server – Adweek


Feb 11, 2021 — Did you know that you can mute the servers you’ve joined on Discord? When you mute a server, you’ll still remain a member of the server, …

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