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1. How to Hide What Game You’re Playing on Discord – How-To …


Apr 3, 2020 — Navigate to the “Game Activity” tab on the left. Deactivate the “Display Currently Running Game As A Status Message” toggle, and Discord will …

2. How to make Discord not show what you’re playing – Windows …

How to make Discord not show what game you’re playing [2022 Tips]

Feb 8, 2021 — Launch Discord from your desktop shortcut. · Click the little Settings icon (Gear icon) in the left bottom corner to open the User Settings …

3. How do I hide what game I’m playing on Discord? – Quora


Oct 20, 2018 — Go to setting. Click Connections from the menu. Turn off the show button for the specific game account. That should allow you to hide what game you are playing …
14 answers  ·  Top answer: At the bottom left corner of the screen, click on the little cog wheel (User Settings). On …
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Jul 29, 2017
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Apr 28, 2021
Does Discord say what game I am playing on my phone?
Feb 16, 2021
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4. How can I make discord not show what game I’m playing?


The web version will show the game you are in. The Web version does not have the Games tab that allows you to change this options.
2 answers  ·  Top answer: From this post: User settings > Games > untick Display Currently running game as a status message

5. how do i get discord to show the game i’m playing on steam?

how do i get discord to show the game i’m playing on steam? from discordapp

Sep 26, 2020 — Go to Settings -> Game activity -> Toggle “Display currently running game as a status message” on. Upvote 1
Is there a way to stop showing what game I’m playing, while …
Mar 5, 2016
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6. Game Activity – Discord Support


As example I’m listening to Spotify and playing game and it shows the game you’re playing, you cant really chose that it would show that you’re listening to …

7. How to Hide Your Game Activity in Discord – TechSwift

How to Hide Your Game Activity in Discord

Jul 9, 2021 — You can change this setting on mobile, but it will only effect Discord on your PC. Discord doesn’t (yet) show games you’re playing on your phone …

8. How do you display game activity on discord mobile?


May 31, 2021 — The feature simply lets the app detect what Android game you’re playing, then gives you the option of displaying the game as a status message.

9. Discord Says I’m Playing A Game When I’m Not: 4 Fixes

Discord Says I’m Playing A Game When I’m Not: 4 Fixes

Nov 23, 2020 — Discord has a great gaming mechanism that does not only let you play … will show your status as playing games when you are actually not.

10. How to Show or Hide the Game You’re Playing – Discord Help


Not everyone wants to share their gaming habits with their friends on Discord, thankfully, you can easily go into your account settings and disable the …

11. Discord Game Activity is not Showing – TechnoChops


Jul 8, 2021 — 1. Enable the game activity status · First, open the Discord app, and go to the setting option and click on it. · After clicking go to the game …

12. How to Change Discord Playing Status – Remote Tools


Go to ‘User Settings’ > ‘Activity Status’; De-select ‘Display current activity as status message’ by toggling it off. How to add Discord game status. As …