Discord Change A Bots Icon In A Server

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1. Custom bot avatars – Discord Support


Certain bots are getting very big! I don’t like the avatar of my servers mee6 bot, what if I could change it? Since I’m the owner of my server.

2. Possible to change bot avatar? : r/discordapp – Reddit

Possible to change bot avatar? from discordapp

May 5, 2016 — You are not changing the bot’s avatar, but the application’s icon. To change the bot’s avatar you must use the API.
How do I change a Bot’s Avatar Picture? : r/discordapp
Sep 27, 2017
Can you change a bot’s name and profile picture?
Aug 8, 2019
Change discord bot avatar without hosting the bot?
Jul 13, 2019
Auto changing server icon : r/Discord_Bots
Jul 20, 2020
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3. discord.py: How to change server icon – Stack Overflow


Sep 23, 2018 — 1 Answer · If you do await bot.edit_server(ctx.message.server, icon=None) instead, does that remove the avatar? What file type are you trying to …
1 answer  ·  Top answer: You need to pass icon instead, a bytes-like object. So if you have a file image.jpg you could do with open(‘image.jpg’, ‘rb’) as f: icon = f.read() …
Change server icon discord.py – Stack Overflow
1 answer
Apr 6, 2021
How to change profile pic and server name using …
2 answers
Feb 14, 2021
how to change discord.py bot activity – Stack Overflow
8 answers
Dec 1, 2019
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4. How to change your bot’s image (avatar)?


Feb 18, 2014 — You can change your bot’s image by first clicking on your bot from the Browse page. Ensure that you have first signed in.

5. Discord: Modify Current User (change bot’s name and icon)


Edit: found it. There’s a settings in Discord server settings > Integration > webhooks that allows me to change the bot name and icon.

6. Changes the profile picture of a discord bot – gists · GitHub


Make sure you have python 3.5 + installed and have discord.py installed (pip3 install discord) #. # 1. Download the python file #. # 2. Change the token …

7. Changing bot-user Avatar with command #77 – GitHub


Jun 6, 2016 — setAvatar -g on node_discord-js @ discord-api server) … No- that is the application icon, it is not the same as bot-user avatar.

8. Discord.py how to change server icon using BOT command?


Jun 8, 2021 · 1 answer
with open(‘image.jpg’, ‘rb’) as f: icon = f.read() await bot.edit_guild(ctx.message.guild, icon=icon).

9. Getting a Token – BotGhost Documentation


To get your bot online you first must create a discord developer profile and … From this page you can also change your bots icon to anything you wish.

10. Animator | Discord Bots | Top.gg


Animator helps animate your server icon. Automatically changes your servers icon after some time to increase server activity.
Rating: 62.9% · ‎7 votes

11. How to generate a custom bot token – MEE6


Give a name to your application and press Create. Don’t worry about it now, you can always change the name of your bot at any time! Discord Developer Portal …

12. Discord.py how to change the server icon using the BOT …


Feb 10, 2021 · 1 answer
with open(‘image.jpg’, ‘rb’) as f: icon = f.read() await bot.edit_guild(ctx.message.guild, icon=icon).