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How do I change my custom notification sound?

How to Add Custom Notification Sounds
  1. Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Notifications.
  2. Scroll down and tap Advanced > Default notification sound.
  3. Tap My Sounds.
  4. Tap + (plus sign).
  5. Find and select your custom sound.
  6. Your new ringtone should appear in the list of available ringtones in the My Sounds menu.

How do I change the notification sound for Discord on Android?

Change Specific App’s Notification Sound
  1. Open the Settings app ad navigate to Apps and Notifications.
  2. Here tap on See All Apps and then click on that specific app whose notification sound you want to change.
  3. After that tap on Notifications.

How do I change the Discord notification sound on my iPhone?

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  1. Scroll down the Settings menu to find Sounds & Haptics. …
  2. Under the sub-menu Sounds and Vibration Patterns, select the type of notification you want to change the sound for — let’s use Text Tone as an example. …
  3. You can select from dozens of different sounds.

How do you play custom sounds on Discord?

Sounds scroll down to voice chat mute which is going to be the microphone muted and pick teamspeak microphone muted and I’ll play you the song right there as you can see and now we can close it.

Why can’t I change my notification sound?

Open the Settings app on your device. Select “Sound & Vibration.” Scroll down and top on the “Default notification sound” option. Browse through the available folders and select your favorite sound.

Can I set different notification Sounds for different Apps?

Here’s how to do this: On your device, navigate to Settings > Apps > Your apps (the menu names may be slightly different on some devices). Find the app you wish to set a custom tone for and select it. On the app info page, tap Notifications and toggle on the slider button for Show notifications.

How do I get the Discord notification sound on my phone?

Device Notifications Settings

Show in Notification Center: This option will send Discord’s notifications to the notification center menu along with other apps and notifications. Sounds: This option affects whether or not Discord notifications make an audible sound when received.

How do I set a custom notification sound on my iPhone?

To set a custom notification sound go to ‘Settings,’ scroll down and then tap on ‘Sound & Haptics. ‘ Under ‘Sounds and Vibration Patterns,’ select the type of the notification that needs to be changed. From the menu, choose the sound that needs to be set as the notification sound.

Can I change Discord ringtone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. It is one of the most popular requests on the discord forums but at the moment, there are no plans to introduce the ability to change it.

How do I change my Discord Christmas sound?

If you want to enable or disable the Discord Christmas notification sounds, follow these steps:
  1. Head to your User Settings by clicking on the Gear icon near your username.
  2. Find the Notifications tab.
  3. Scroll to the Sounds section.
  4. Change the Sound pack from Classic to Snowsgiving from the dropdown option.