Discord Stop People From Deleting Their Own Messages

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1. How can I prevent users from managing their own messages?

How can I prevent users from managing their own messages? from discordapp

Jul 31, 2016 — You can’t. Users being able to delete their own messages is very important for privacy reasons, so all you can really do to combat people hiding …
What’s the best way to stop people from deleting messages I …
Mar 28, 2019
Is there a way to stop people from deleting their messages?
May 29, 2020
How To Make People Unable To Delete Messages? – Reddit
Aug 12, 2020
How can we disallow users from deleting their own comments?
Aug 31, 2016
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2. Edit permission – Discord Support


a new permission that, if disallowed, prevents people from being able to edit their messages.

3. Can we please log when people delete their own messages?


It’s been a while this one dude has been pinging me and deleting the message immediately after and I can never be in the chat in time to figure out who.

4. Feature request: Permission to edit/delete own messages


Sep 28, 2020 — As the title says, give us the possibity to give/remove users/roles the permission to edit/delete their own messages.

5. Undeletable messages – Discord Support


The only way one would be able to delete the message is to delete the entire channel. … channel so only the owner or certain roles/people get a pass on it.

6. Delete other users messages – Discord Support


You should be able to delete other people’s messages from your own end and not … but I do not want to block them, I should be able to delete their message …

7. Why is my server automatically deleting others messages?


Okay—so for some reason in my new server whenever people type a message it automatically disappears. As an admin it doesn’t do it for me,…

8. What happens to deleted messages on discord?


Can you stop people from deleting messages on discord? — Can you stop people from deleting messages on discord? Does editing a message in discord Ping? Can …

9. How to make a role in Discord where the user can delete one …


Or you could simply give users the manage messages permission so they can delete messages. Hope that helps! … On your end, you can delete your own me.
1 answer  ·  0 votes: You wouldn’t be able to do that with role permissions. What you could do is build a custom …

10. Does deleting a message on discord delete it for the other …


A thing people use these days to log deleted messages is a message logger, which is an extra plugin for Discord. This could be used through DMs, group chats, …

11. Manage permissions for message editing and deletion | Slack


By default, all members can edit and delete their own messages. If they’d like, Workspace Owners and Admins can change these permissions.
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12. Discord on Twitter: “@benjeoff If a user is banned from a …

question: if someone deletes a server from their account, are all their … on their own, the messages will remain and if someone wants to delete them, …
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