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Does Discord delete accounts right away?

Discord does not delete your account immediately. When you delete your account, it will be deleted after a 30-day waiting period. If you created an account with Facebook or Twitter, the account will be deleted immediately when you delete your account.

How do I delete my Discord account fast?

There is no fast way to delete your Discord account. You have to go through the account deletion process, which takes a few days. First, you have to delete all of your messages and files from your account. Then, you have to unsubscribe from all of your Discord servers.

Why does it take 14 days to delete a Discord account?

It takes 14-days to delete a Discord account after you push the final delete button. This waiting period is included because Discord must go in on their end of the platform to remove anything related to your account.

Is Discord deleting accounts 2022?

So, the bottom line is that Discord is making a lot of revenue and is steadily succeeding day by day. This means Discord is not shutting down in 2022 or actually, any time soon.

How do I completely delete Discord?

The steps for the same are listed below:
  1. Press Win + R keys to launch the Run command box.
  2. Type %AppData% and click OK. …
  3. Find the Discord folder there and delete it.
  4. Now, launch the Run command box again.
  5. Type %LocalAppData% and click OK. …
  6. Locate the Discord folder and delete it.

What does a deleted account look like on Discord?

Users should have a lot of activity. If an account is deleted, the name changes to “DeletedUser.” The numbers that appear after “DeletedUser” might be all zeros or a collection of randomly generated digits.

What is deleted user 0000?

A deleted account usually looks like Deleted User(random number letter combo)#0000(Random discriminator) This can be caused by either a self deletion, where a user went ahead and deleted their account or an account was disabled/deleted due to ToS violation.

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