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How do you spoiler on mobile Discord?

It before you actually send it to the discord checks channel go ahead and long press the image. Once you do that a new menu will open up at the bottom where as you can see you can mark as spoiler.

How do I black out text in Discord?

To black out the text on the Discord mobile application, you can use the vertical bars “||” at the beginning and the ending of the message or utilize the “/spoiler” command at the start of the message you like to send to the Discord channel.

How do you mark spoiler videos on Discord?

And it says this is how you mark as a spoiler on discord. Now you can do this for both text and images you may want to do this if you’re not wanting to spoil a video game a movie a book or anything

How do you put a box around text in Discord?

To create boxed text in Discord, you will need to write in code blocks. To do that you will incorporate the backtick key. This is on the same key as the tilde, not a parenthesis. If you are only creating a single lined block, you will need to write your text between two backticks.

How do you make a spoiler tag on Reddit?

How to Add the Spoiler Tag in Reddit Posts
  1. Go to the Reddit home page.
  2. Click the + icon in the top toolbar to create a new post.
  3. Select the community where you want to create the post.
  4. Type in or upload whatever you want to post.
  5. From the bottom bar, click on the Spoiler flair.
  6. Once your post is ready, click Post.

How do I transfer files from Discord to IPAD?

Once you click on that icon as you can see it will bring up all the files pictures videos and everything on your mobile. Phone. And then all you simply to do is select the one you want to send.

How do you do a spoiler on Discord Iphone?

On the mobile version of Discord, you can use your keyboard to mark spoilers. By adding two bars (||) at the beginning and the end of your spoiler, it will black out the bracketed text once you send the message. Your spoiler tag should look something like this before you send: ||Insert spoiler here||.

How do I GREY out text in Discord?

YAML syntax to add gray colored text in Discord

Using the yaml syntax, you can combine either green and gray, or use just gray text. What is this? Type in three backticks, then yaml. After this, on the next line, you can start with your text.

How do you spoiler text on Reddit mobile?

The only way to spoiler text on the Reddit app is to use the Markdown Mode method. To do this, add >! and ! < around the text in your comment. After pressing Post, the text within those two Markdown tags will be spoilered.

Can I connect Spotify to Discord?

Connect Spotify to Discord

Download and open the Discord app. Click Connections in the menu on the left. Click Spotify. A web page opens to log in or sign up to Spotify.

What does Ctrl k do in Discord?

The REALLY Useful Stuff:
Navigate Between Servers Control + ALT + Arrow Key UP & Control + ALT + Arrow Key DOWN
Create or Join a Server Control + Shift + N
Answer Incoming Call Control + Enter
Find or Start a Direct Message Control + K
Decline Incoming Call Escape


What does Ctrl C do in Discord?

The reason? It can do a lot more than just send a plain text or a voice message.

Discord hotkeys: The full list [Windows]
Copy message text Ctrl + C
Mark message as Unread Alt + Enter
Focus text area Tab


How do you hide parts of text in Discord?

Highlight the specific. Text you want to hide a menu will appear. Directly over that text step 4. Click the hide icon which looks like an eyeball the menu will disappear.

How do you make spoiler text?

Spoiler tags allow you to write text that some users may not want to see and hide until the reader chooses to see it. Spoiler tags are just like editing HTML in your comment. Just wrap the new <spoiler></spoiler> tag around any text in your comment, and that’s it!

How do I hide text on Reddit?

If you want to hide a particular block of text so you don’t spoil the ending of a movie or book, use spoiler tags. Wrap the text in “>!” and “! <” tags, and it will prevent someone from seeing a block of text unless the user clicks on it.

What is NSFW and spoiler on Reddit?

As a moderator, you have access to many post actions. In addition to flair and the content management actions, you also have the ability to lock posts, mark them as NSFW (Not Safe For Work), and tag them as spoilers or original content (in new Reddit).

What’s the max file size for Discord?

Discord users who have a free account can only send files of up to eight MB. This limitation doesn’t include GIFs from the Discord textbox, however. If you upload an image, video, or other file format, only the smallest files make it in.

Does iPad Pro have Discord?

Also, Discord does not offer a desktop app for iPads, which are more than capable of running a Mac version of the app. And they don’t offer an easy way to access the browser version on mobile devices.6 days ago

What is the upload limit on Discord?

In Discord, you can share a file up to 8MB. To break the limit, you can upload file via the paid Nitro plan that allows you to upload a file up to 50MB.

How do you mark something as a spoiler on Discord with pictures?

Mark Image as Spoiler on Discord Desktop/Web
  1. Pick the image you would like to send from the file picker and click on the eye icon that appears at the top-right corner of the image preview in the message box.
  2. Discord will now mark your image as a spoiler. …
  3. Images marked as spoilers are blurred and have a “Spoiler” tag.

What does GREY mean Discord?

Gray = Invisible/Offline. Keep in mind that you only get put into idle status when you’ve been away from your device for a while- similar to being moved to an AFK (away from keyboard) voice channel. And while Offline doesn’t have a dot, you’ll see the user’s name and avatar grayed out pretty thoroughly.

What is the GREY of Discord?

What Color Is The Discord Logo? Discord’s logo is a very light shade of gray (#ffffff) against a blurple (#5865F2) background. The logo’s icon consists of a light gray emblem of a game controller with two blurple dots representing joysticks.

What does OC mean on Reddit?

OC (original content): Content that is deemed original to Reddit and isn’t reposted from elsewhere, but is something a user has created themselves. IRL (in real life): Synonymous with the offline world and refers to your actual experiences outside of your online Reddit identity.

What is spoiler tag Reddit?

A post marked with a spoiler tag has its thumbnails and previews hidden so users may decide whether or not they wish to view the content. The original poster and moderators can tag a post as containing spoilers. When do you use it? It is used when you don’t want everyone to see your post on your feed.

What Does idle mean Discord?

The Idle status indicates to others that you might not be near your computer, or have the Discord app open in the background. Hence, it indicates that you might not be reading the latest messages and won’t be able to respond to them immediately. However, you can still receive notifications while on Idle.

Can MEE6 play a playlist?

You can also use MEE6 Bot to play and manage your music playlist with the help of its visual music player. The MEE6 Bot’s Music player dashboard allows you to play, pause, search for song, play next or rewind a song, loop the songs in a playlist without any commands.

How do you tell if someone is listening with you on Spotify?

To show or hide Friend Activity: Click. in the top-right and select Settings. Under Display Options, switch See what your friends are playing on (green), or off (gray).

What does Ctrl Shift D do in Discord?

Keyboard Shortcuts for Discord Voice

Enable deafen: Ctrl + Shift + D. Create a new call: Ctrl + ‘. Answer an incoming call: Ctrl + Enter. Decline an incoming call: Esc.

What does Ctrl F do in Discord?

What’s happening now: Discord’s “Ctrl+F” brings focus to its advanced, whole-word search. The only good thing is it’s case insensitive. You have to type extra stuff like “in:current-channel-name” — yes, this part can auto-complete, but it’s still extra to type nonetheless.

What happens if you click the Discord logo 15 times?

To access this easter egg, click on the Discord logo at the top left corner 15 times. Make sure that your device volume is turned on. This will enable a “DISCORDO” sound effect. It will play the DISCORDO sound every time you open the app.

What is Alt Ctrl C?

Insert. Ctrl+Shift+H. Switch to (or Open) Alternate file. Ctrl+Alt+C. Copy as RTF.

What is Ctrl V Ctrl C?

Standard Shortcuts
Command Shortcut
Copy Ctrl C
Paste Ctrl V
Delete Ctrl D
Find Ctrl F


What is the Ctrl Shift C?

Copy the selected formatting. Ctrl+Shift+C. Paste the selected formatting. Ctrl+Shift+V.

How do you spoiler one word in Discord?

Discord: How to Mark Your Message as a Spoiler
  1. Step 1: Type the message you want to mark as a spoiler, but don’t send it.
  2. Step 2: Highlight the text you want to mark as a spoiler. …
  3. Step 3: Once you highlight the desired text, a menu will appear on the screen. …
  4. Step 4: Tap “Mark as spoiler.”

How do I hide text in Discord without spoiler?

On Android
  1. Open Discord and go to the server or dm where you want to send the spoiler message.
  2. Type “||” before and after the text you want to hide.
  3. Tap on the Send button.

How do you hide words?

How to Hide Text in Microsoft Word on Windows
  1. Select the text you want to hide by dragging through it with your cursor.
  2. Either right-click and choose Font or click the arrow on the bottom right of the Font section of the ribbon on the Home.
  3. Check the box for Hidden.
  4. Click OK.

How do you put a red box around text?

You can either draw a solid red box or a dotted red box like this it’s very easy let’s get started first select the text. Then click on the border drop. Down at the bottom select border and shading.

How do you make a box message in Discord mobile?

How to Format Code on Discord (Mobile)
  1. Step 1: Open the Discord App. …
  2. Step 2: Select a Discord Channel. …
  3. Step 3: Select the Chat Box. …
  4. Step 4: Type a Back-tick. …
  5. Step 5: Type the Text That You Want Formatted. …
  6. Step 6: Type Another Back-tick at the End of Your Text. …
  7. Step 7: Send the Text.

How do you insert symbols in Discord?

Launch Discord and head over to the server you want to tweak. Right-click on a channel or a category and click on Edit Channel/Category. Open unicode’s full emoji list and copy the emoji you’d like to use on your channel or category. After copying, head back to Discord and paste the emoji on the name section.

How do you put a box around a text in a team?

Add a border to selected text

On the Home tab, click the arrow next to the Borders button. In the Borders gallery, click the border style that you want to apply.

How do I shadow a text box?

Select the text or WordArt that you want to format. On the Format tab, under Text Styles, click Effects, point to Shadow, and then click the shadow style that you want.

How do you shade text?

Apply shading to words or paragraphs
  1. Select the word or paragraph that you want to apply shading to.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, click the arrow next to Shading.
  3. Under Theme Colors, click the color that you want to use to shade your selection.

How do I turn on text wrapping?

Enable or disable text wrapping for a text box, rich text box, or expression box. Right-click the control for which you want to enable or disable text wrapping, and then click Control Properties on the shortcut menu. Click the Display tab. Select or clear the Wrap text check box.

How do you skip a line in Discord?

Just press “Shift + Enter” to go down a line on Discord while typing a message. Do press and hold the Shift key first, and press the Enter.

How do you skip a line in Discord mobile?

Method #1: Skip a Line on Discord Mobile Using Return Key

Using the return key is the easiest way to skip a line on Discord Mobile.

Can you bold text in Discord?

To Bold text in Discord just wrap the text you wish to bold with a pair of double **asterisks**. To italicize the text, wrap it with a pair of single *asterisks*. See it in action in the images below.

How do I insert this symbol?

Place your cursor in the file at the spot where you want to insert the symbol. Go to Insert > Symbol. Pick a symbol, or choose More Symbols. Scroll up or down to find the symbol you want to insert.

How do I get special symbols on my keyboard?

The US International Keyboard gives you two ways to add a special character: Use the right-hand Alt key in combination with the appropriate letter to get one of the more common combinations. For example, Alt+e will result in: é Press the symbol you want to use and then the letter you want to use it with.

How do I type a symbol code?

Inserting ASCII characters

To insert an ASCII character, press and hold down ALT while typing the character code. For example, to insert the degree (º) symbol, press and hold down ALT while typing 0176 on the numeric keypad. You must use the numeric keypad to type the numbers, and not the keyboard.

How do you make a border?

Add a border to a page
  1. Go to Design > Page Borders.
  2. Make selections for how you want the border to look.
  3. To adjust the distance between the border and the edge of the page, select Options. Make your changes and select OK.
  4. Select OK.

How do I hide a text box in Word?

Make the background of a text box invisible
  1. Right-click the text box that you want to make invisible. …
  2. On the shortcut menu, click Format Shape.
  3. Under Fill, select No fill.
  4. Under Line, select No line.

How do you add a border on IPAD word?

Your word application will insert a text box so this is a text box using this text box i can make a border. Just increase the text. Box. So increase the width and height.