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If you’re using the mobile app for iPhone and Android devices, tap the profile picture of the person you want to block, then the three dots in the top-right corner of the menu that opens. Tap “Block” when it appears.

How do I block Discord in my firewall?

The good news is, by playing around in your router settings just a little, you can block Discord access on your network. All you need to do is add Discord’s domains in your router’s domain blocker or firewall. After that, anyone connected to your router, either via LAN or WiFi, won’t use Discord anymore.

How do I block Discord at home?

Click ”Apps,” find the Discord app, and restrict access to it. You will have to enter your passcode. To block Discord in the browser, go back to ”Content & Privacy settings” and select ”Content,” then paste Discord URL and restrict it.

How do I block a Discord app?

In the Discord server settings menu, press the Members option. Hover over a user in the Server Members list, then select the three-dots menu icon. From the menu, press Ban to ban the user. In the Ban box, you can provide a reason for the ban.

Can you delete Discord account?

To Delete Your Account:

Pull up Discord on your screen. Once you have logged in, head to your User Settings (the cog icon). Choose to edit your account. At the bottom of the window, you will see the option to Delete Account.

Is Discord a safe app?

Is Discord safe? With the right privacy settings and monitoring, it’s easy to use Discord safely. However, there’s always a risk when it comes to sites and apps with open chat. The safest way to use Discord is to only accept friend requests and participate in private servers with people you already know.

Can openDNS block Discord?

I know the USG is only a layer three firewall, so I think I need to use a DNS provider to block Discord. I tried all the usual suspects, such as openDNS, but they don’t block discord by default.

What ports does Discord use?

You have to open port 443 TCP for textchat. For voice, it is a random UDP port between 50.000 – 65.535.

How do I get Discord on my school laptop?

How To Get Discord to Work at Your School or College
  1. Use a VPN to Access Discord. …
  2. Try the Browser App. …
  3. Copy the IP Address (Windows Only) …
  4. Use a Web Proxy. …
  5. Install Discord from External Storage. …
  6. Use Discord App from Another Device. …
  7. Utilize the Alpha Testing Version of Discord. …
  8. Use a TOR Mirror.

How can I block websites?

How to block websites on Chrome on the mobile app for Android
  1. Go to the Google Play Store. Download the BlockSite app.
  2. Once downloaded, open the app. Follow the on-screen prompts to allow BlockSite to access your privacy settings.
  3. To block a website click the plus (+) sign and search for the website.

Can you see IP addresses on Discord?

Discord Is Too Secure

The short answer to this question is no. It is not possible to obtain someone’s IP address via Discord. This is because this application utilizes TLS (Transport Layer Security) and other techniques to protect users from scammers and hackers.

How do I limit time on Discord?

Now that we know Discord is considered part of the “Chat and Forums” Category we can set a Time Limit for all of that category by heading to Time Limits under the Laptop profile, scrolling down in the list to find “Chats and Forums”, tapping on the category and then selecting our Time Limit.

How do you kick Discord?

Open the channel’s list of members by tapping on the two-people icon located at the top of your screen. Locate and tap on the member you want to kick from the channel. The member who is selected will have their User Settings pulled up on the screen. Tap Kick, which is located just under the “Administrative” header.

How do I block a Discord user not on the server?

And even though they’re not in the server. Their name will pop up like this with an ad next to it all you need to do is right click there at handle in your message as such. And then click ban.

Can you get banned from Discord for being under 13?

is it true your team is now having server owners ban anyone under the age of 13 due to your terms of services? Anyone under the age of 13 cannot use Discord per our Terms of Service. If a server owner is aware and ignores it, we will take action on the server and/or owner.

How do you know if someone block you on Discord?

The easiest way to check if someone blocked you is to send them a private message. Usually, if you can send them a message, they haven’t blocked you yet, and you can breathe a sigh of relief. However, you’ll know right away that you’re blocked when you access your chat logs with said person.

How do I block Discord on my iPhone?

Here’s how to block someone on the iPhone or Android Discord app:
  1. Tap the user’s profile picture.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap on the Block button that appears.

What happens if you get blocked on Discord?

The user you’ve blocked will not be able to ping you or ‘@’ mention your username in shared servers. They will receive the error message as told in the first section if they do try to message you. However, the person whom you’ve blocked will be able to see when you are online, as well as read your messages.

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