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1. How to Change the Game Name in Discord – Alphr


2. Custom Game Names for Verified Games – Discord Support


If anyone wants to get around this until the locks are gone from game name changing, just rename the game or application’s .exe file to something else, and …

3. How To Change Game Name On Discord [2021 Guide]


Sep 30, 2021 — Changing A Game’s Name · Click on the blue link button “Add it!”. · This will open a list of all windows currently running on your system. Choose …

4. How to Change What Game You Are Playing in Discord

How to Change What Game You Are Playing in Discord

Dec 20, 2020 — You can change the name of the app to the name of the game you are playing. Make sure Display Current Game as a Status Message is selected.

5. How you can Change Verified Discord Custom Status?

Learn How to Change the Game Status in Discord

Apr 27, 2021 — Change your Online Status in Discord Manually · At first, run the unverified game in the background, then open the Discord. · Now, click on games …

6. How to change your Discord to show a custom *Playing …

How to change your Discord to show a custom *Playing* message. from RedditDads

Sep 21, 2016 — Another RDAD recently asked how to change the game you’re playing to … whatever your program you added was) and you can change the name of …

7. Discord Change Verified Game Name Recipes – TfRecipes


2019-09-11 · Change Verified Game Name On Discord. Now, you’ve learned a great deal about unverified games and how you can rename them to something else. So the …

8. Discord: How to Change Your Nickname on a Server – Adweek


Feb 9, 2021 — Users can go by different names in different groups · Step 2: Tap the three dots to the right of the server’s name. Note: You can also tap the …

9. How To Change What You’re Playing On Discord – TechUntold

How To Change What You’re Playing On Discord

Change Game Status For Unverified Games — Important: If you change the name of your unverified game into the name of a verified …

10. How to Change Discord Playing Status – Remote Tools


Go to ‘User Settings’ > ‘Activity Status’; De-select ‘Display current activity as status message’ by toggling it off. How to add Discord game status. As …

11. Discord How To Change Game Name [6 Easy Steps]

Discord How To Change Game Name

May 18, 2020 — You can set any type of Custom Funny Names of Game that you want to show on your Discord Profile Name. I Don’t play a lot of games but for …

12. How do I change the name of my game? – BoardGamesTips


Why doesn’t discord show what game I’m playing? — How do I make my discord overlay bigger for among us? How can I play among us on my laptop?

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