How to change your discord

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Why can’t I change my Discord username?

Why is Discord not changing the username? Discord is not changing the username because the username changing quota per hour has already exceeded. Discord only lets users change their username twice in an hour, and anyone trying to change their username more than two times in an hour won’t succeed.

How do I change settings on Discord?

Open Discord, go to your settings by tapping on the logo in the bottom right-hand corner. Then, tap Privacy and Safety, here you can choose whatever option you’d like to enable or disable by swiping the toggle feature.

What’s a good Discord name?

Best Discord Names & Nicknames to Use (2022)
  • Potato.
  • BunnyEars.
  • TomatoJuice.
  • BearBelly.
  • HoldMyPurse.
  • CrisPBacon.
  • CrabbyPatty.
  • IdiotGuy.

How do I customize my Discord status?

Setting a Custom Status
  1. Click on your profile picture at the bottom left of your app, then click Set a custom status.
  2. Click on the emoji to add an emoji to your custom status.

How do I manage my Discord account?

To access the feature, simply tap on your Avatar image in the bottom left corner and then select the new “Switch Account” option. Tap on “Manage Accounts” in the overflow menu and then add more accounts. You can log into five accounts using the Account Switcher.

How do you get advanced Discord?

Open the Discord app and click on the Settings gear icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. 2. Next, click on “Advanced” in the left sidebar on Discord’s settings page.

How long do you have to wait to change discord username?

Basically, a Discord user can only change their username once every thirty minutes. In contrast, nicknames are always in a changing state and there are no major limits on how often they can be changed.

How do you change your name color on discord?

  1. In Discord, click your Server’s Name in the upper right corner and select Server Settings .
  2. Click Roles in the menu at the left, under your server’s name. …
  3. On the Roles page, click the Create Role button next to the Search Roles search bar. …
  4. Type in a name for your role, and select a color for it.