How to check how many discord servers you are in

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How can I tell how many Discord servers I have?

And to do that if you just go to And then open discord in your browser. And then your discord is going to look like this so the next thing you need to do press on f12 on your keyboard.

What is the biggest Discord server?

A few years ago, Fortnite is almost always the undisputed largest Discord server there is.

Why does Discord have a server limit?

In order to support this goal, we have server member caps to help ensure that Discord users have a great experience, and that server owners and their moderator teams are receiving the support they need to foster healthy communities.

Can a Discord server have 1 million members?

Genshin Impact Official

With nearly 1 million members, it’s no wonder that this Discord server is thriving, seeing as everyone there gets to discuss one of the best action role-playing games ever: Genshin Impact.

How many Discord bots is too many?

Although the right number of bots will vary depending on the server, it is a good idea never to have more than 20 bots in a server at one time. Having more bots than this could begin to confuse users and could make the server appear spammy.

Does Discord have a time limit?

At the moment you can only have a 10 minute time limit until new members can speak.

How many servers can you join on Discord with Nitro?

Instead of having maximum 100 servers, have a max of 150 or 200 or something, this way more people will be interested in joining Nitro if they frequently partner with other servers, or are a part of a clan that has multiple servers, or maybe you just love being in Discord server?

How do I find my Discord server settings?

How to Change Region on Discord
  1. First, click on the down arrow to open up your server options.
  2. Next, click on the option that says Server Settings.
  3. Click ‘Change’

How many Discord users are there?

Discord Has 150 Million Monthly Active Users.