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Can you connect a PS4 to Discord?

As part of Discord’s partnership with Sony, you can link your PlayStation Network account to Discord. It lets you show off your game activity to friends on the chat app.

How do I connect Discord to PlayStation Discord?

In this example, we’ll be on mobile.
  1. Open Discord app and select your user profile on the bottom of the left panel. …
  2. Select Connections under User Settings. …
  3. Select Add on the top right. …
  4. Select the PlayStation icon under Connection Your Accounts in the pop up window.

How do you use Discord 2022 on PS4?

If you’re using a PS4 simply access www.discord.com from the web browser. Since PS5 does not have a native web browser you can access, you need to send the discord link as a message and then click on it on the chat.3 days ago

Is there a PlayStation Discord app?

As of now, there are no concrete plans for the Discord app to come to PlayStation. Although being able to share your PlayStation game status with Discord friends is a welcome inclusion, some fans are still holding out for the possibility of a dedicated Discord app in the PlayStation Store.

Can you talk on Discord on PS5?

Discord has become the perfect place to join new video game parties and talk with friends while playing games online. Discord messages and voice chats are as good as they get, so using this platform is a must for most gamers out there.

Can you link Discord to PS5?

Can You Use Discord on PS5? Yes, you can use Discord on your PS5. However, the console does not natively support the use of Discord. Furthermore, PS5 is not coupled with internet browsing features, and getting Discord to work on your PS5 might seem a little bit out of the question but it’s not.

Can u join PS4 party on PC?

To join PlayStation Party on a PC, you need to use the PS Remote Play software. It’s a free app, available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. The app requires you to connect to your PS4 or PS5 to play your games on other devices. You’d only need to log in with your PSN account credentials to use your games and apps.

What is PlayStation Discord?

Linking your discord and playstation accounts will allow you to share what playstation games you are playing by showing them in your status. As of now this is the only feature of discord.

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