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How do I create a second Discord account?

Other options to use Multiple Discord accounts
  1. On your computer, install Switch to log in to multiple accounts on the same browser.
  2. Download Shift and Add Discord as an app as many times as you wish for different accounts.
  3. On your mobile device, you can make use of Parallel Space to use multiple accounts of apps.

Can you make two accounts on Discord?

If you wanted to add another account to the app, you would first have to log out of the current account. This made switching between accounts on the app a nuisance. With its new Account Switcher, the Discord app now lets you add multiple accounts and switch between them with just a few taps.

How do I create a new Discord account with the same email?

If you want to use the same email address for a second account, you will have to make a small addition to your email address when you create an account. A plus sign (+) and a keyword need to be added before the “@” sign of your email address.

Can you have two Discord accounts with the same phone number?

Discord only allows one account to be tied to a certain phone number. However, you can still have as many Discord accounts as you want without linking them with your phone number, as you are not required to link your phone number in order to join the platform, unlike your email address.

Can you make a new Discord account with the same email after delete?

Unfortunately, you can’t use a deleted Discord account’s email to create a new account. This is because the email is connected to your Discord account and it is not possible to reuse it for another account.

Are Discord ALTs allowed?

Are Discord ALTs Against Terms Of Service? No, Discord ALT accounts are not against Discord terms of service. You can create as many discord accounts as you like, as long as they are not being used for malicious purposes. Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of spamming servers is against the Discord TOS.

How many Discord accounts are there?

Discord registered users
Year Registered users
2017 45 million
2018 130 million
2019 250 million
2020 300 million

Can you have 2 Discord accounts on the same email?

Unfortunately Discord only allows one account per email – which shot down that plan pretty quick.

Why do I have two Discord accounts?

Since each of your Discord accounts are tied to a different email address, switching between multiple browsers allows you to access multiple accounts at once without retyping your credentials over and over again. Simply open up a different browser for each Discord account that you want to have open.

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