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1. How to make discord show that you’re streaming on Twitch

How to make discord show that you’re streaming on Twitch

2. Status doesn’t turn purple when streaming? : r/discordapp

Status doesn’t turn purple when streaming? from discordapp

May 18, 2016 — I have streamer mode active and i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the program, but discord never shows when I’m streaming .
Discord not showing Streaming Status. Possible Fixes? – Reddit
Mar 28, 2018
Does anyone know how to get discord to show that I … – Reddit
Sep 26, 2019
Discord not displaying twitch stream as status : r/discordapp
Oct 25, 2020
Discord not showing me as streaming : r/discordapp – Reddit
Oct 4, 2020
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3. How to Enable Streamer Mode on Discord | Beebom

How to Enable Streamer Mode on Discord

Oct 12, 2017 — Open Discord and head over to “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon. · Now, in the same Settings menu, head over to the “Streamer Mode” section …

4. Discord on Twitter: “@HuckCG That purple dot is only for …

That purple dot is only for when you’re streaming, and you’ll need to enable Streamer Mode while your Twitch account is synced to get it: support.discord.

5. How to Connect Your Discord Server to Your Twitch Stream or …


Sep 6, 2018 — The first thing you should do is connect your Twitch stream or YouTube channel to your Discord account. Open up the user settings and switch to …

6. Show if someone’s streaming – Discord Support


Nov 11, 2018 — If a user sets themselves to Streamer mode they’ll have a purple status icon to indicate they’re streaming on twitch! Rocks the Squirrel.

7. Youtube “Streaming” status message – Discord Support


If you stream on Twitch and your Twitch account is linked with Discord it will … if the Discord app notices that you have a Streamer Mode application open …

8. Streamer Mode 101 – Discord Support


Aug 7, 2021 — Streamer mode Gives you a quick and easily accessible menu to hide sensitive or personal information when you’re in the middle of streaming to …

9. Hide Stream Status – Discord Support


Currently, you can choose to not show people that you are playing any … new “Go Live” function, you cannot hide the notion that you’re streaming /at all/.

10. How to Connect Discord to a Twitch Stream – Alphr


Feb 10, 2021 — Go into your Discord app using a desktop. Click the gear icon to open the Settings menu. It’s located near the bottom of the screen. Select “ …

11. Can people see if im streaming on discord? – BoardGamesTips


Unfortunately, there is no other way to not show that you are streaming while using Discord. Why is discord in streamer mode? All streamer mode means is that …

12. How do you get the purple icon on discord? – BoardGamesTips


Now, once you start streaming on Twitch, you’re online status indicator for Discord will change to purple color to indicate everyone that you’re streaming.

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