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How do you hide categories on Discord?

Right click the category and select Edit Category . You’ll find a tab with the roles, from there just set up the permissions.

How do I hide channels on my team?

Tap See all teams, then tap the team the channel is in and tap the circle next to the channels you want shown. To hide, tap the circle again to deselect it.

How do I make my Discord channel private on my phone?

on mobile:
  1. Login to Discord if you’re not already and select the server.
  2. Long press on the channel of your choice.
  3. Choose Edit Channel.
  4. Scroll down and select permissions.
  5. Under roles select @everyone.
  6. Select the red X icon next to every permission.
  7. By clicking the back icon it will automatically save.

How do I hide muted categories?

Right click the channel and hit mute. Then after you’ve muted all the channels you don’t want go to drop down next to the server name and hit Hide Muted Channels!

How do I archive a category in discord?

On the Discord mobile app:

Go to one of your servers and browse the channels list. Tap and hold on to one of the threads under the channels until a menu appears on your screen. Tap the “Archive Settings” option on the menu. Select the “Archive Now” option to confirm your decision.

What does muting a channel do in discord?

Muting a channel or a server prevents unread indicators and notifications from appearing unless you are mentioned (which includes the @everyone and @here tags).

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