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How do I hide discord channels on better discord?

This adds a button at the top left in the tool bar to click which hides the channel list. Additionally there is also a keybind option (default: Ctrl + H ) you can use and rebind.

Can you mute a text channel for everyone in discord?

In order to mute multiple channels within a single server at once, click on the arrow next to the Server Name to pull up the Server menu. Then click Notification Settings from the drop-down menu that appears. Under Notification Overrides you’ll be able to control the specific channels you don’t want to hear from!

Can you hide channels on Discord?

Once you click the Server Name (in the upper left corner), you’ll see the ‘Hide Muted Channels’ option in the Server Settings dropdown menu.

How do I hide the channel bar in Discord?

Tap the server’s name at the top of your screen. Alternatively, you can tap the three-dot icon to access more options. Once the options appear on your screen, drag it up and toggle “Hide muted channels.”

How do I make my channel read only?

Make a Read-Only Discord Channel on Mobile

In the menu that pops up, tap “Edit Channel.” On the “Channel Settings” page, tap “Permissions.” In the “Roles” section, choose who you want to prevent from sending messages to your channel. We’ll select “@everyone” so nobody can post messages.

Can people see if you mute a channel on Discord?

When someone is muted channel-wide, none of the users on the channel will hear them. On the other hand, local muting only works for one user. Users muted locally don’t get a notification about it. Thus, the only way to determine that you’ve been locally muted is by checking the other user’s reaction.

How do I turn off Discord channel notifications?

To limit Discord server notifications:
  1. Open Discord and right-click the server icon.
  2. Hover over Notification settings.
  3. Choose an option to limit your notifications. …
  4. If you want to stop mobile notifications only, deselect the Mobile push notifications checkbox.