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How do you create a community on Discord?

How to build a Discord community
  1. Figure out if Discord is the right place. There are a lot of platforms out there that could host an online community. …
  2. Get clear on what you want. Why are you building an online community? …
  3. Set up your server and channels. …
  4. Set clear rules. …
  5. Invite your members. …
  6. Assign roles. …
  7. Build community.

What is a community in Discord?

Last Updated: . A community Discord server (sometimes referred to as a guild) is a public server on a particular topic. It is used by wikis, video games, companies, subreddits, and other communities to allow for communication about the topic.

Are Discord communities free?

Discord is basically free, while Slack’s free version is limited. Pricing is another example of Discord being community-minded and Slack being focused on organizations. Running a Discord server is free and comes with basically all features.

Can you use Discord at 11?

Discord’s Terms of Service requires people to be over a minimum age to access our app or website. The minimum age to access Discord is 13, unless local legislation mandates an older age.

How do I get people to join my Discord server?

The best way to start your Discord group is by sharing it on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. If you have a large social media following, this method will be the most effective. To do this, publish a post about your Discord server and provide a link for others to join.

How do I make my server a community server?

Discord: How to Turn a Server Into a Community Server
  1. Step 1: While viewing the list of channels in your server, tap the server’s name at the top of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Tap “Settings” on the right side of the screen.
  3. Step 3: Under the “Community” section, tap “Enable Community.”
  4. Step 4: Tap the “Get Started” button.

What is a community server?

Community Server is a web-based platform that enables companies and organizations to build dynamic online and offline communities quickly and easily. Community Server features include email lists, discussion forums, blogs, newsgroups, galleries, file-sharing and content-management capabilities, and much more.

How do I setup a public Discord server?

Make Discord server public
  1. Open Discord.
  2. Right-click the server and select Server Settings.
  3. Go to the Enable Community tab.
  4. Enable Community for the server.
  5. Once enabled, click on Discovery and enable it.
  6. Follow the instructions/requirements needed to enable Discovery.

Is Discord ok for 12 year olds?

How old should you be to use Discord? Discord requires that users be at least 13 years old, although they do not verify users’ age upon sign-up. Common Sense Media also recommends Discord users be at least 13 due to its open chat.

Is Discord a dating app?

Though it’s not explicitly a dating app, Discord has increasingly become a platform for people to make romantic connections.

What age is Discord for?

Discord’s Terms of Service states that only users who are 13 years or older may use its service in the U.S. That said, there are children under 13 who use Discord.

What is the difference in a Discord community and server?

Simply put, Discord Communities are simply big Discord servers. In fact, Communities are being limited at launch to servers that meet one or more of the following qualifications: 10,000 Members. Partnered servers.

How do I join a community server Discord?

Open Discord and log into your account, if needed.
  1. Click the plus icon in the left sidebar. …
  2. Select “Join a server.” …
  3. Paste in the invite link and hit “Join.” …
  4. Tap the three stacked lines in the top-left corner of the screen. …
  5. Select the “+” sign in the server menu. …
  6. Tap “Join a server.”

What is not allowed on Discord?

Respect Discord

Do not organize, promote, or engage in any illegal or dangerous behavior, such as sexual solicitation, human trafficking, and selling or facilitating the sale of prohibited or potentially dangerous goods (firearms, ammunition, drugs, and controlled substances).

Can you disable community on Discord?

Now that you know how to start a Community Server in Discord, you can convert one of your channels into one whenever you want. If you ever change your mind, navigate to Server Settings > Community > Overview and click “Disable Community.”

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