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How do you do spoiler messages on Discord mobile?

On Android and iOS

Open a chat inside the Discord app. Wrap the text in bars ||Insert spoiler|| and they will appear as a spoiler.

Can you mark someone else’s message as a spoiler on Discord?

Hiding Text Messages

Basically, you must follow the same procedure as on the desktop. You can select part of the text and mark it as spoiler in the context menu, as shown below: Or you could simply write the text between bars (like || this ||) or add the /Spoiler tag at the beginning of your messages.

How do you mark a message as spoiler?

Mark as Spoiler

Use your mouse (or double-click the text) to highlight your message. Click on the eye icon in the small pop-up window. Verify that your text now has the two vertical bars. Hit Enter on your computer’s keyboard to send the message with a Spoiler tag.

Can you spoiler images on Discord mobile?

Spoiler an Image in Discord for Mobile

Before sending, on mobile tap the image and enable “Mark as Spoiler.” On desktop, click the eye icon. Enter any text you want sent with the image, then send it.

How do you use a spoiler tag?

Spoiler tags allow you to write text that some users may not want to see and hide until the reader chooses to see it. Spoiler tags are just like editing HTML in your comment. Just wrap the new <spoiler></spoiler> tag around any text in your comment, and that’s it!

How do you hide spoilers on Discord?

To hide a spoiler, you need to use the spoiler markdown syntax. In Discord, this is the “pipe” or “vertical slash” character “|”, more specifically two of them “||”. To mark text as a spoiler you need to place two pipe characters on either side of the spoiler. This works for both the entire message or just part of it.

How do you spoiler text on Reddit mobile?

Method #1 — Using the Spoiler button
  1. Highlight the section of the text in your comment that you want to mark as a spoiler. …
  2. Click the exclamation mark-shaped Spoiler button to mark the selected text as a spoiler.
  3. Method #2 — Using Markdown Mode. …
  4. In Markdown Mode, type >! …
  5. Click the Comment button.

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