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How do I allow only direct messages on Discord?

can you turn off receiving DMs? Yes, you can change it to friends only. Go to the server name, click, click privacy settings, and turn off DMs from members.

How do I turn off Discord notifications except for DMs?

How to turn off Discord notifications for a specific channel
  1. Enter the server that has a channel you want to mute, and open the channel.
  2. In the desktop app, right-click the channel’s name and select “Mute channel.” You can then pick how long you’d like to mute the channel for.

How do I change DM notifications on Discord?

Open the Discord app and tap on the profile picture (user) icon at the bottom to open the navigation drawer. Scroll down and tap on Notifications. 2. On Android, enable the toggles next to System notifications and In-app notification.

How do you turn off DMS from strangers on Discord?

In settings click on Privacy and Safety on the left hand side. Scroll down to “Server Privacy Defaults”. Turn “Allow Direct Messages From Server Members” to OFF.

How do you DM on Discord without adding?

You can either click on the message icon to the right of the friend’s username or click on the friend’s name, then click on the ‘Message’ option to open the direct message screen to text them.

How do I mute DM notifications?

If you want to switch off the DM notifications from a particular user. Open the app and go to Direct.
  1. Open the app and go to Direct.
  2. Open the chat with the target person, and at the top of the dialogue window tap the (i) icon.
  3. Push the slider Mute Messages to the right.

How do I get DM notifications?

Tap or your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile. Tap Following in the top right. Next to the account tap (Android) or (iPhone), then tap Manage Notifications. Tap next to the feature that you want to turn on notifications for.

How do I change my notification settings?

Option 1: In your Settings app
  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps & notifications. Notifications.
  3. Under “Recently Sent,” tap an app.
  4. Tap a type of notification.
  5. Choose your options: Choose Alerting or Silent. To see a banner for alerting notifications when your phone is unlocked, turn on Pop on screen.

How do I prioritize Discord notifications?

Swipe down to see notifications. Swipe a conversation partially to the left until you see the Settings icon (shaped like a gear). Tap the Settings icon. Tap the priority level you want: Priority, Default, or Silent.

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