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For when we do this first things first let’s go to our server settings go to the roles area and select a role that people work at will get after they verify you need to have one of these.

How do I get a verified tick on Discord?

  1. To get verified on Discord, you’ll need to be a game developer, game publisher, professional esport team, or a Spotify-verified musical artist.
  2. To qualify, you’ll need to be both the server owner and the official representative of the group or individual that’s applying for Discord verification.

How do I get 18+ verification on Discord?

Options in how it can be done by discord staff:
  1. User may have to provide valid ID, and discord must have trusted staff dedicated to handling these processes.
  2. Users may have to provide a college ID card or driver’s license.
  3. Users may have to answer a set of questions to prove their age or ID.

How do I create a rule in Discord?

How to Make a Rules Channel in Discord?
  1. Click on “Server settings“. Enable Community to proceed with the administrative changes.
  2. Get Started. …
  3. Select “Next“. …
  4. Select “Finish Setup“. …
  5. Set up membership screening.
  6. Select “Get Started” in Server Rules. …
  7. Select “Save“. …
  8. Press “Enable“.

How do you make a Discord verification bot on Roblox?

Getting Started
  1. Go here, edit the project, then remix it.
  2. Navigate to the config. …
  3. If you don’t already, create a Discord Bot application and paste the token in the token spot.
  4. Fill in all the empty values, everything is described in the file.
  5. Open the terminal and refresh the project.

How do I get verified on Discord 2022?

You must either be an individual of public interest, or someone that is the representative of a brand or a business while being the owner of the Discord server you wish to verify.
  1. Go to the Discord Verification page.
  2. Click on the Apply Now button.
  3. Log in to your Discord account and complete your application.

How do you make a verification system on Discord with a dyno?

So let’s start off by clicking on the manage servers. Button click on the server you’d like to manage. And let’s go over to custom commands. Make sure this module is enabled. And hit add command.

How do I fake my age on Discord?

Method 1: Contact Discord Support
  1. Step 1: Submit a Request. Once you are there, find the “Appeals, Age Update and other Questions” option:
  2. Step 2: Fill the Request Form With Your Personal Information (Discord Tag, Email Address, and More) …
  3. Step 3: Provide a Copy of a Photo ID.

What’s the age limit for Discord?

How do you ensure teens under 13 can’t create an account? Discord’s Terms of Service requires people to be over a minimum age to access our app or website. The minimum age to access Discord is 13, unless local legislation mandates an older age.

Does Discord know your birthday?

Discord does ask your age when you sign up, but they do not verify your age when you sign up. The only time Discord will verify your age is if you try to change your age or your birthday after your account has been created.

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