How to stop discord nitro from renewing

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Does Nitro automatically renew?

Nitro is a subscription, so it will auto renew unless you choose to cancel it.

How do I cancel my Nitro renewal on my phone?

Android and iOS

Within User Settings, scroll down and tap Manage Subscription. Under YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS, find Discord Nitro and press CANCEL.

How do I cancel my Nitro subscription?

On the “User Settings” page, tap “Manage Subscription.” In the “Discord Nitro” banner, tap “Cancel.” Tap “Cancel Subscription” in the “Cancel Your Subscription” prompt.

Does Cancelling Nitro remove it?

Once you click the cancel button, you’re notified that the subscription will end after the current billing period. Meaning, it doesn’t end until you have to pay your next month. If you have three months free subscription, you won’t lose your perks until those three months are finished.

Will I lose Nitro if I cancel my subscription?

Q: Will I lose all perks immediately after canceling Discord Nitro? No, you can continue using all the Discord Nitro features until the end of your current billing cycle.

How do I cancel my discord Nitro 2022?

Click on the Settings icon (That’s the gear icon next to your user profile) from the bottom left of the interface. Scroll down the left side panel and click on Subscriptions. Click on Cancel from the Discord Nitro banner.

Can you refund Nitro subscription?

If you regret your Discord purchase, like Discord Nitro or a Server Boost, you have five days from date of purchase to submit your refund request. Any longer than this and Discord won’t refund, with no exceptions. This applies to Discord gift purchases too.

Why can’t I cancel my discord Nitro?

Log into your account. Go to your profile in the top right corner. Select ‘Discord Nitro’ under your User Settings on the left panel. Click the ‘Cancel’ button next to the subscription you wish to cancel.

How do I remove a credit card from Discord?

If you have some issues with your payment method and would like to change your default payment method for subscription purchases, you will need to navigate to your User Settings > Subscription tab to add or edit your desired payment and select Make this my default payment method.

Does Discord automatically charge you for Nitro?

When you have multiple subscriptions, Discord will automatically unify all charges for all subscriptions (including Nitro and Server Boosting) into one charge/payment on one date. That means that instead of paying for two different subscriptions on two different dates, you pay for both subscriptions on only one day!

What happens if a nitro gift expires?

Conversation. I bought a discord nitro class gift for someone, but because they already have nitro it won’t let them accept it, when it expires does it refund or have I wasted my money? It goes back into your Gift Inventory where you can make another link for it. A gift does not expire.

How do you know when Nitro ends?

Click the gear icon next to your username at the bottom left of the screen. This will bring up the user information screen. Select Nitro Boost from the left side of the screen and you will get a screen like the one below. You can see your subscription status at the top (it shows I subscribed for a year).

What happens if you claim Nitro when you already have it?

What Happens If You Are Already Subscribed to Discord? If you already have an active Nitro subscription, the gift will become account credit. You can see these in the Subscriptions section (within User Settings). The gift won’t automatically redeem.