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How do I stream my Switch on Discord without a capture card?

Since you don’t have a capture card, we recommend you use a tripod with your phone and direct its camera directly to the Switch. What is this? Manage the camera settings on your phone’s screen, and then click “Broadcast.” That’s how you stream on Switch without using a capture card or an Xbox!

Can you share Switch games on Discord?

You can now stream your favorite Nintendo Switch games on Discord!

How can I stream my Nintendo Switch?

Streaming with a Capture Card
  1. Dock the Nintendo Switch.
  2. Detach the HDMI cable connecting the Switch to your monitor.
  3. Plug the cable into your Elgato capture card.
  4. Connect another HDMI cable to the capture card’s HDMI Out port.
  5. Insert the other end into the monitor’s HDMI port.

How do I stream Nintendo Switch to PC?

Connecting Your Nintendo Switch Console to Your Computer
  1. Make sure your Nintendo Switch is in the dock. …
  2. Plug the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S’ USB cable into your computer. …
  3. Find the HDMI cable that came with the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S, then connect it to the HDMI Out port on the device.

How do I use Streamlabs on a Switch?

Boot your streaming software (OBS Studio or Streamlabs) and link your Twitch account via the settings menu if you haven’t already. Select “Add” then “Video Capture Device” to connect your PC to the Switch. You should now be able to see gameplay from the Switch.

How do I connect my Nintendo Switch to OBS?

So let’s do this. So what you need to do is plug the usb cable or socket into the usb 3 port in your computer. Making sure both ports are blue to signify that they’re usb 3. It’s super important to

Is it illegal to stream Nintendo games?

You are only permitted to use Nintendo Game Content that has been officially released, or from promotional materials officially released by Nintendo (such as product trailers or Nintendo Directs).

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