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The V button is the best push to talk key for people who don’t like the side buttons when aiming. Located just above the spacebar, C and V are great options for push to talk, easily reachable with your left thumb and low interference with other software.

How do I use Push to Talk on Discord mobile?

Open up your discord. Application here tap on your profile icon. And under app settings tap on voice in your voice settings you will be able to see the input mode push to talk.

How do I enable push to talk?

Open the settings menu by clicking the gear icon on the bottom left of the Discord interface. Under App Settings, click Voice & Video. Under Input Mode, check the box next to Push to Talk.

How do streamers use push to talk?

And then you’re going to select a keybind that you push whenever you want to speak and then you will have to hold down that specific key when you want to speak. And your discord.

Does Push to Talk work on mobile?

Push-to-Talk on Any Device

Any Android or iOS device can be a push-to-talk device. All it requires is installing the push-to-talk software that supports your needs. How it works: It’s easy to use push-to-talk on a phone without PTT buttons: simply press and hold the in-app button in your PTT application.

Why is my push to talk not working in Discord?

Make sure push-to-talk and push-to-mute aren’t bound under the same key. Make sure your headset is set as the default input/output device in both Discord and your PC. Scroll to the bottom and click Reset Voice Settings. Try to send an audio message on Discord by PTT to see if it works.

Why can I only use push to talk on Discord?

The Discord Push to Talk no working problem might occur due to corrupted audio drivers on your computer. The error might also come up because of inconsistent in-app settings, so checking the Voice and Video settings in Discord can help fix the issue. Incorrect keybind settings can also cause this problem.

Can u talk on Discord without a mic?

Yes, you will need a microphone to communicate with people on Discord. Although you can use Discord on speaker, a channel won’t let you in because noise repetition will disturb other gamers. When you are using speakers along with the gameplay, the speakers can also catch the game’s sound.

What pros use push to talk?

One of the most popular keys for push to talk is the mouse 4 or 5 buttons or the side buttons as they are often called. These buttons are easy to reach, keep your hand free for keyboard movement and don’t interfere with any of your keybinds for actions within the game.

What is the push to talk button on PC?

And then this voice activity will probably be the default of what is it’s on right now or what it’s set to as default. So you want to click over the push to talk. And then here in the shortcut.

Is Push to talk better?

Clarity is improved because both the technology itself and PTT protocol require communicators to take turns and communicate clearly. Instant connectivity is at the press of a button, whereas cell phone features are designed more for versatility and convenience.

How do I change PTT sound in Discord?

Open the Notifications tab (in the left side bar), and scroll down to select/deselect “PTT Activate” and “PTT Deactivate” to adjust which noises you do or don’t want to hear.

How do you chat on Discord while playing mobile games?

Make sure you are on Discord Android Version 9.4. 5. You can enable the Mobile Voice Overlay by going into Settings -> Voice & Video -> and you should see a “Enable Mobile Voice Overlay” toggle. When you enable the toggle, you’ll be taken to the Android System permissions to allow Discord to “draw on top”.

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