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You can also reorder your categories here too though hold down the three lines button next to the channel you want to move you can then drag the channel to any position on the list.

How do I change the text channel on Discord?

Use some unicode text converter. Then you can do it but by default you can’t do anything and if for example this is the default uh fonts you get uh on discord.

What is a category on Discord?

Category — Used to organize Channels into sections that users can collapse and expand in their Discord client. Categories allow you to manage multiple channels’ permissions at the same time via the Category Settings.

How do I organize my Discord channels?

And then click on the one you want to take out. And you can put it into a different folder. Or you can just like drop it somewhere like that and now it will be removed.

How do you categorize servers in Discord?

Into midgets so all you do is you hold click and hold if you’re in mobile you just tap and hold. And you drag one on top of the other.

How do I add categories to Discord roles?

Copy any border which you want for category. And roles after copying go back to your server. Create a new role and paste the border enter your category.

How do I customize my Discord server?

How to create channels in a Discord server
  1. Click or tap the small plus button in the left-hand toolbar, next to “Text channel” or “Voice channel” to create a channel. …
  2. Give your channel a name. …
  3. To further customize your channel, click the gear icon next to the channel’s name.

How do you customize Discord?

BetterDiscord is not yet mobile-compatible, so you can customize your background or theme using a built-in option.

Here’s how this is done:
  1. Open the Discord app.
  2. At the bottom, tap the “User settings” gear icon.
  3. Under “App Settings,” choose “Appearance.”
  4. Select your preferred theme and appearance, and enjoy.

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