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How do you make a custom welcome bot in Discord?

Set up a welcome bot
  1. Click the Welcome option. To create a welcome bot, click the “Welcome” option. …
  2. Select what you want the bot to do. …
  3. You can set what your bot says down to the text color and font, as well as which channel your bot will post in. …
  4. Hit Save when finished.

How do you make a welcome message?

Follow these steps to write your first welcome letter:
  1. Determine your goals. Begin by establishing the goal of the welcome letter. …
  2. Outline the letter. …
  3. Welcome the employee. …
  4. Introduce yourself. …
  5. Provide need-to-know information. …
  6. Expand as needed. …
  7. Close the letter.

How do I make a mee6 welcome message?

As you can see and in general it’s going to be the little message which discord gives you we’re going to basically make it better so all you need to do for this is just go onto your google.

How do I create a welcome channel?

Making Your Welcome Channel in Discord
  1. The first thing you are going to do is open up your Discord, select your server and right-click. Select “Create a Channel.”
  2. Give your channel a name. It can be anything. …
  3. Now your channel is ready. …
  4. Now, go ahead and make your automated welcome message. …
  5. This is the final step.

What is the best welcome message?

Some good examples include:
  • Welcome!
  • Hello!
  • Welcome to our website!
  • Thank you for visiting us!
  • We hope you find what you’re looking for and that you enjoy your stay.
  • Have a great day!
  • Thank you for your interest!
  • We look forward to serving you.

How do you make a welcome channel discord mobile?

Features such as the welcome message on their bots. So you can choose just about any bot you want. And you can probably find its welcome feature quite easily if you already know how to add a bot to

How do you make mee6 say welcome and goodbye?

Click on the welcome plugin you may need to enable it first using the switch enable the send a message when a user joins the server. Option at the top expand the top drop menu and choose your welcome.

How do you set up Welcome and goodbye on Discord?

In this video i’ll be showing you how to make a welcome and goodbye channel in your discord. Server for this we will be using me 6bot to automatically post custom welcome messages when someone joins

How do you make a dyno bot welcome?

How to set up Welcome
  1. Head over to your account and select your server.
  2. Click on the Modules tab.
  3. Ensure that the Welcome module is enabled.
  4. Click the Settings button underneath the Welcome module.
  5. Select your message type ( Message , Embed , or Embed and Text ).

How do I use Welcome MIMU bot?

mimu now needs to know that we’d like this embed to be apart of our greet. use . set greetmsg welcome, {user}! {embed:greet_embed} to set the greet message to a short welcome, pinging the user, and the embed we just created.

What does MIMU bot do?

with its extensive configuration options and simple style, Mimu brings to you a one-of-a-kind economy system to your Discord server and brings your dreams to reality. Its utilities are packed, made to be user-friendly and for serves to be a cuter currency system.