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How do I put Discord on startup?

But knowing how to make Discord start on startup may be challenging for some users.
  1. Step 1: Open Settings.
  2. Step 2: Go to Users/Groups.
  3. Step 3: Click on Login Items tab.
  4. Step 4: Enable Discord as a startup program and Restart your device.

How do I add Discord to 2020 startup?

  1. extract > open folder > right-click Autoruns/Autoruns64(depends on ur os) > run as administrator.
  2. find discord > right-click > jump to entry.
  3. double-click Discord.
  4. Put the file-path in value data in quotes.
  5. press ok > restart pc.
  6. also u can check from startup section in task manager.

Why can’t I find Discord in startup?

Tip: If you have turned off auto-start feature in Discord, you will be unable to find Discord program under Task Manager Startup tab.

How do I add an application to my Startup?

Add apps to startup in Windows 10.

Open Run command box by pressing Windows logo + R keys. In the Run command field, type shell: startup and then press Enter key to open Startup folder. Copy and paste the app shortcut from the desktop to this Startup folder and the app will be added to startup.

Where can I find the Startup folder?

How to find the personal Startup folder
  • Open the File Explorer. This can be done by clicking on the Explorer icon in your taskbar, or by pressing the Windows + E keys on your keyboard.
  • Navigate to the following location: %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

Why is Discord just a GREY screen?

For people who are seeing just the grey screen, it might be because of discord trying to log you in and it’s stuck in the login process. So, the discord app doesn’t show anything on the screen because, well, it can’t log in.

Where is installed Discord?

On Windows, Discord is installed to C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Discord . You find it by entering %localappdata%\Discord in the Windows Explorer path bar.

Why isn’t Discord on my Task Manager?

If the Task Manager launched in compact view, click on the More details button in the bottom left of the window. Select Discord from the Apps section. Click on the End Task button. Close the Task Manager and try re-opening Discord.

Where is startup folder win 10?

Accessing The Windows 10 Startup Folder

Open the File Explorer and drop one of the following paths into the Quick access bar. The All Users Startup Folder is located at the following path: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp.

Is Discord a startup company?

All told, six-year-old Discord now has 150 million active users, comparable to Twitter’s total at the same stage in its history, in 2012. Discord debuts this month at No. 4 on LinkedIn’s annual list of the top 50 U.S. startups, competing nimbly in a crowded field.

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