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How do you purge all messages in Discord?

To clear the chat, you can use any of the following commands as per your needs.
  1. Type ‘! clear 100’ to delete the 100 latest messages in the channel. …
  2. In the text-box, type ‘/clear’ then the ‘Tab’ key and enter the number of messages. Press the ‘Tab’ key again twice to select a member you wish to delete the messages from.

What is the fastest way to purge Discord DMS?

And then click right click it and click run script’ and now you’ll see here in the lower right hand corner of your taskbar. Right there’s autohotkey. And it says it’s currently running delete discord

Can MEE6 purge messages?

The MEE6 bot is one of the most powerful options at your disposal if you want to purge your server channels. As mentioned, it can do up to 1,000 messages per action, though you can specify any other number. This bot allows you to delete indiscriminately or only messages from particular users.

Does blocking someone on Discord delete messages?

First of all, to block someone: If you’re using the desktop app for Mac or PC, just right-click someone’s name and select “Block” from the menu that appears. You’ll be asked to confirm that you want to block them, and once you do, their messages will disappear.

How do you delete all DMS on Discord mobile?

Open Discord and go to the channel message you want to delete. Scroll over the individual chat lines in your thread and look for the Menu icon. To delete each message, Select Delete Message from the list of options. A dialog box will appear, click on Delete for confirmation.

Does deleting Discord account delete messages?

When you delete your account, ALL your sent messages in ALL servers should be deleted. – Discord.

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